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Super Rich by Russell Simmons. Book review

Super Rich russell simmons reviewFull title: Super Rich. A Guide To Having It All
Type / genre:
208 pages
Author: Russell Simmons
Published: 2011

The message of Russel Simmons, a philanthropist and self-made giant of entertainment and fashion industry, is simple but ingenious. In order to be a good receiver, you have to be a good giver. To be a good giver, get in touch with the abundance inside you – with your higher self.

A practitioner of Transcendental Meditation and yoga, a devout social and environmental activist and vegan, his words can be safely taken at face value.

In Super Rich, Simmons shares with his readers many wonderful stories from real life. These tales are easy to understand and to relate to, and they have a transforming effect. It’s a book you could give anyone struggling to make sense of the world, whether it’s a teenager or a middle-aged business man.

The entire book is good giving enacted. Please read and pass on!