Transcendental Meditation

Katy Perry, a vocal advocate for daily sessions of silence

Singer and pop-celebrity Katy Perry has revealed that she begins every day with a Transcendental Meditation session to prepare her for work.

A Conversation With Katy Perry

Gift for life from a past love

Perry was inspired to learn Transcendental Meditation (TM) by her ex-husband, Russell Brand.

The outspoken British actor has credited the practice for helping him overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, and ‘completely changing the consciousness’.

After learning to meditate in 2011, Katy Perry has quickly become similarly enthusiastic about her mental practice.

During her birthday in 2012, she asked her fans not to bring any presents, but to make a donation to David Lynch’s foundation for teaching TM to those most in need. In October 2014, Perry offered all road crew members on her “Prismatic Tour” the chance to learn the technique.

Katy Perry’s formula for absolute rest

The 31-year-old singer practices the technique every morning while sitting on her bed with her eyes closed for about 20 minutes to make sure she is relaxed and in a good mood before she starts work.

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WAKEY-WAKEY: “I start the day with Transcendental Meditation. It puts me in the best mood. I wake up and just prop myself up in bed for 20 minutes. It’s the only time my mind gets absolute rest,” Katy Perry says.

“It’s something that’s with you for your whole life,” Perry says. And she is keen to emphasize the practical, day-to-day value of practicing TM.

“You learn your mantra, it never leaves you, and it’s the deepest rest your brain gets. For people that are so creative and have this kind of creative faucet that never turns off – it just continues and continues – it can be a little exhausting.

And, you know, with the continual responsibility of having 127 people on the road, and always being the point person for everything, my subconscious is going even when I’m sleeping.

I’m dreaming about whatever I’m creating next, or relationships, or blah, blah, blah. So I’m never really off. And meditation is actually the one time I get to really reset,” the singer told Rolling Stone Magazine in August 2014.

No ‘poster child for meditation’

In another interview (Elle, March 2015), Perry again underlined the fact that her commitment to TM is based on the tangible benefits the technique brings.

“I’m not the poster child for Transcendental Meditation, but when I do do it, I literally can feel the neuropathways in my mind opening up.

It’s almost like a halo is created around my head and things just start vibrating again.”

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