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Transcendental Meditation Teachers and Centres in the UK

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Tel: 01695 5121

Below is the complete list of TM teaching centres in the United Kingdom (in alphabetical order). For more information on course schedule, fees and other details, please contact the specific centre / teacher.


meditation scotland aberdeen tm teacher Duncan-patersonRothiemay, AB54 7NE, Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 918180
Duncan & Jackie Paterson

Duncan and Jackie have been teachers of Transcendental Meditation for many years. They moved back to Scotland in 2011 with their two children. Jackie and Duncan now run regular TM courses and an annual weekend retreat in Aberdeenshire.

Ambleside, Cumbria

cumbria meditation uk united kingdom tm Nick-pauline greatheadGrasmere, Cumbria LA22
Telephone: 01539 435 036
Nick & Pauline Greathead

Nick and Pauline teach courses in the Ambleside area of Cumbria. They are both experienced teachers of TM in the United Kingdom. Pauline was a primary school teacher for 25 years and Head Teacher in Carlisle for 12 years. They have both worked in management and currently run a holiday lettings business.


Tel 01761 433655
Lynn Royse

Belfast  & Northern Ireland

Holywood, Belfast BT180DU, Northern Ireland
Local website:
Telephone: 07968 187984 / 028 9042 7388
Andrea Gribben

Andrea Gribben has ben teaching TM full-time in the Belfast area / Northern Ireland for many years. She will be delighted to hear from you should you have any questions or to book a course of instruction in Transcendental Meditation.

Berwick on Tweed

Tel: 01695 51213
Christian Wharton


Tel: 07775 409644
Huw Meads, Claire Winteringham

birmingham transcendental meditation tm uk teacher

Huw Meads became a TM teacher in 1990 and has since taught over a thousand people to meditate. He was born in Birmingham and grew up in Sutton Coldfield. After graduating in Modern Arts from Kingston University he pursued a career in financial services for several years before leaving to train as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. He now lives in Stratford on Avon and also works as a lecturer in media at Bournville College in Birmingham. He teaches courses, leads monthly Meditators’ meetings, and offers one-2-one TM checking, in both Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon.

birmingham england tm meditation centre course winteringhamClaire Winteringham has been a meditator for nearly 40 years and trained as a certified teacher of TM in Holland. She was born and grew up in Solihull and completed an Art Foundation course at Birmingham Polytechnic. After finishing a BA in art and design in Manchester, where she learned TM, she lived in Birmingham for several years developing her art career, before moving to Lancashire where she now lives with her family. However, she used to travel to Birmingham to teach part time at UCE, and her parents still live in the area, so she regularly enjoys coming back, this time as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. She and her colleague Huw Meads are now giving free introductory talks in and around the Birmingham city centre and would love to see you there. Alternatively, if you and a few friends are interested in hosting a “living room” talk (minimum 4) at your home, they will be delighted to come along by arrangement. Claire continues to be an accomplished watercolour artist and sells paintings and designs from her home. You can contact her on : 07985060080


bolton uk learn meditation transcendental tm centre29 Cross Street, Farnworth, Bolton BL4 7AG, UK
Telephone: 07854 317854
Lewis Walch

Lewis grew up in Farnworth. He learned Transcendental Meditation when he was a student, studying education in Leeds in March 1971. He spent a year in Switzerland training as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and later led TM teacher training courses in both Europe and the UK. Since 1974, Lewis has taught Transcendental Meditation all over the Northwest of England and also in Scotland, as well as in the USA and the Philippines, including in prisons.


Nicholas has been teaching Transcendental Meditation in the UK for 20 years. A former RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, Nicholas sailed the world for five years in his own yacht, Shambhala, before moving to Bournemouth.  He has a special interest in Maharishi Ayurvedic health practices. Nicholas says, “It has been the greatest joy and privilege of my life to teach Transcendental Meditation and bring the knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda to many people. When the mind transcends during TM, the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms are fully activated. With regular practice, accumulated stresses and fatigue are released, improving the body’s natural ability to replenish, rejuvenate and heal itself from within.”


25 Brangwyn Avenue, Brighton BN1 8XH
Telephone: 07976 214373
Mark Heath, Frances Knight, Kitty de la Beche

Brighton Transcendental Meditation Teacher Mark Heath

Mark Heath learned TM in 1986 while studying for a business degree at Warwick University. On graduating, he worked for the Transcendental Meditation organisation in the UK and in the USA until 2004. He then worked for 10 years in computer games publishing. Mark now runs the Brighton TM Centre full time.

Brighton Transcendental Meditation Teacher Frances Knight

Frances Knight trained with Maharishi as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1971, and has been practising Transcendental Meditation since she was a teenager. She has taught the technique in many countries around the world, and has also spent many years working with Maharishi at his international headquarters on art projects. A professional landscape painter, Frances is also a qualified Maharishi Aroma Therapist and gives consultations in London and Transcendental Meditation Centres throughout the south of England.

Kitty de la Beche graduated from her TM Teacher training in Holland in September 2014. She has since taught TM in a local schools project in Sussex where all the staff and pupils have learnt to meditate over several months. When she is not teaching she works as a film producer.


bristol transcendental meditation england Patrice-Gladwin53 Coronation Road, Southville, Bristol BS3 1AR
Telephone: 0117 914 7127
Patrice Gladwin

Patrice Gladwin studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1971-72 and then spent time working on course development with Maharishi and the international Transcendental Meditation organisation, 1975-77. “Teaching this beautiful, natural technique in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Belfast and then for 25 years in Cambridge,” She says, “has been the greatest joy and privilege of my life.” Patrice has taught thousands of people Transcendental Meditation over the years. Her passion is for the use of this knowledge in schools and colleges.

Bristol West & Brigwater

The Old Tollhouse, Wembdon, Brigwater TA6 7PJ
Telephone: 07969 022425
Annabelle Langton

Annabelle Langton is local to Bristol and has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. She currently teaches in Bristol and in Bridgwater. While at Drama College in London she won Best Comedy Actress Award. She went on to become a professional actress for 12 years, appearing in local and West End plays, as well as television. She now also works part-time in garden design.

Bury St Edmunds

meditate chalmers centre england16 Wheatfields, Thurston, Bury St Edmunds IP31 3TE, England
Telephone: 01359 233 492
Sheila Chalmers

Sheila Chalmers has been living in the Bury St Edmunds area for fifteen years. She learned Transcendental Meditation in 1968 in her home country, Canada, and has been teaching the technique since 1972. She has instructed people from a wide range of nationalities and backgrounds in many countries. Several years of her career in the TM organisation were spent working at the international headquarters, which administers the TM programme worldwide.


cambridge uk tm course Jonathan.Hinde6 Sycamore Close, Cambridge CB1 8PG, England
Telephone: 01223 411 362
Jonathan Hinde

Jonathan Hinde says: “I have been teaching Transcendental Meditation, mostly full time, since 1977. I became interested in Transcendental Meditation while doing a degree in psychology from Oxford University, and became a teacher shortly after graduating. I have taught in Switzerland, The Phiippines, Syria, and Holland, as well as various places in the UK, mainly London. Clients include senior personnel from Invesco, Dresder Kleinworth Wasserstein, Saatchi & Saatchi, Hewlett Packard, Ogily & Mather, Westminster Council, Merrill Lynch, MORI, Deutche Bank, IPC Magazines, BSkyB, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan, Carnegie, Leo Burnett, Commercial Union, as well as MPs and members of the House of Lords. What I love about teaching Transcendental Meditation is its simplicity and effectiveness, and its relevance to everyone. Everyone can benefit from Transcendental Meditation, whatever their experience or aspirations.”


CT4 6TJ, M20 junction 11 — equidistant from Canterbury, Ashford, Folkestone, Dover
Telephone: 01303 840544 / 07928 712260
Devinia Jane Linden

Devinia Jane Linden lives and teaches Transcendental Meditation in the Canterbury area. She has been a teacher of TM for many years and will be delighted to hear from you.

Cardiff / South Wales

cardiff wales learn tm mediation Helen-Evans-3 Duxford Close, Radyr Way, Llandaf, Cardiff CF5 2PR, Wales
Telephone: 02921 158968 or 07905 899345
Helen Evans

Helen Evans has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher for 30 years. Having trained as a schoolteacher, she taught Science before teaching Transcendental Meditation. She has continued to teach in schools, teaching Literacy and Numeracy skills, alongside teaching Transcendental Meditation all over Wales and also in Cambridge, Cornwall and Sussex. She has been the Welsh National Director for eight years and runs the National Transcendental Meditation Centre in Cardiff. Helen says: “Learning to practise Transcendental Meditation is the single most significant decision you will ever make to ensure your life becomes more fulfilling, more harmonious and more enjoyable. What are you waiting for?”

Chelmsford / South Essex

essex england teacher Nigel-kahnTelephone: 07909 534284
Nigel Kahn

Nigel Kahn trained as a TM teacher in 1974, and has been promoting and teaching Transcendental Meditation ever since. In 1990 he and his wife Dorry taught TM in Armenia for nine months on the invitation of the government, in order to reduce stress in the population after a devastating earthquake. Nigel and Dorry also have taught TM in Buckinghamshire and in South Africa. Nigel studied modern languages and social anthropology at Cambridge University. He plays the piano in his spare time.


cheltenham england uk britain Colin-Meaden-Telephone: 01695 51213
Colin Meaden

Colin Meaden has been practising and teaching Transcendental Meditation for almost 40 years and has taught this highly effective technique to hundreds of people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. His goal is to make the TM technique available to everyone in the Cheltenham area who would like to learn. Colin’s background was in business, but he is now focusing his time and energy on spreading the knowledge of this technique. “Transcendental Meditation is simple, natural, effortless and easy to learn. It is a joy to pass this technique of meditation on to as many people as possible. This is the one thing that everyone should start quickly. Your life will become more rewarding, more contented and definitely happier,” says Colin.


Telephone: 01625 582096/07884 367709
Maureen Birchenhall

Maureen Birchenhall has been teaching Transcendental Meditation since 1973. She has taught the technique to over 1600 people. Maureen has lived in Mid-Cheshire all her life. She holds the LRAM (Royal Academy of Music) Pianoforte teaching qualifications and ran her own nursery school locally for 30 years. The Mid-Cheshire Transcendental Meditation Centre is located in Maureen’s peaceful country home.

Colchester / North Essex

meditate teacher uk britain essex Barry-Spivack-Telephone: 01394 420455
Barry Spivack

Barry Spivack lives in Suffolk, he visits Colchester and North Essex as required, giving Introductory Talks and running TM courses.

Devon & Cornwall

devon cornwall uk great britain coursesTelephone: 01929 289 135
Charles Brettell

An experienced practitioner of the Transcendental Meditation technique, Charles Brettell trained to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Seelisberg, Switzerland between 1990 and 1993. Upon completion, he set up the Peterborough Transcendental Meditation Centre where he taught for over 10 years. Charles is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE). He spent more than 30 years working as a professional engineer and engineering manager for a leading international company. He now lives in Dorset from where he teaches Transcendental Meditation in the South West of England, including Devon and Cornwall.


Telephone: 0141 221 6333
Angela Landers


Telephone: 01388 818011
Eva Linck


Flat 1, The Press, 17a West Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9JW, Scotland
Telephone: 0131 668 1649
Annie Arrowsmith, David Rae

Annie Arrowsmith Teacher Edinburgh scotlandAnnie’s primary focus is on teaching.  She loves to enable people – from 4 years to 104 – to experience what ‘natural’ and ‘easy’ really are. In the early 70s she was employed as an account executive in the London office of one of the UK’s largest advertising agencies before starting up an award winning audio visual presentation company with her husband. She qualified as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation on the same course as David Rae in 1976/77. After ten years in Suffolk she spent many years living and working at the Maharishi European Sidhaland in Lancashire, notably at the Maharishi School (now Maharishi Free School) as a parent, school governor and teacher.  She also worked for a couple of years as assistant to the project manager on a planned vastu (vedic architecture) housing and educational development in the area. Annie Arrowsmith has taught TM and associated programmes around Scotland and England as well as the USA, Holland, and Northern Ireland. From 2008-2013 she ran the TM Centre in South Manchester. A couple of projects centred on teaching TM on behalf of the David Lynch Foundation. She is well known to the other Scottish TM teachers as well as many of the meditators, who may remember her from a number of courses she has facilitated or attended, and her assistance during David Lynch’s visit to Edinburgh and Glasgow in 2007.

scotland edinburgh meditation David-Rae-David Rae was appointed National Director for Scotland in 2006 and is a Trustee of two registered charities which administer the TM organisation in the UK as a whole and in Scotland. Originally from Lanarkshire, David first came to Edinburgh as a student of Fine Art in 1965. He learned TM while a postgraduate student at the University of London Institute of Education in 1973 and returned to Edinburgh in 1977 to teach Transcendental Meditation. He has been involved with international teaching and research projects inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in The Middle East, India, Phillipines, USA and England, and in Scotland has enjoyed running courses of instruction in all the main cities, not to mention Orkney, Arbroath, Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, Galashiels, Berwick, Dumfries, Kirkcudbright, Isle of Mull, and many towns in the central belt.


dundee meditating course teacher Angela-Landers-111 Union Street, Glasgow G1 3TA, Scotland
Telephone: 0141 221 6333
Angela Landers

Angela Landers trained as a nurse and has degrees in occupational therapy and health and physiology. She has many years of experience of working in the public health sector, including drug rehabilitation counselling. Her quest for a truly holistic system of natural health care came to fruition when she discovered Maharishi Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation in Glasgow in 1999. This led her to complete her second degree at Maharishi University of Management, USA that included the study of Maharishi Ayurveda. Immediately following that she became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and has taught in her native city of Cork until she moved to Glasgow in 2007 to act as coordinator of the Glasgow Maharishi Invincibility Centre.


Telephone: 07730 463591
Steve Webster


Telephone: 01483 5386813
Ric & Pat Law


hampshire uk england teacher Liz-Court-6 Wisteria Drive, Bordon GU35 0UU, UK
Telephone: 01420 476000
Liz Court

Liz Court has lived in the area since 1975. She learned Transcendental Meditation in 1967 and gained so much from the technique that in January 1970 she went to Rishikesh in India to train under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to become a Teacher. She subsequently worked for Maharishi, at his invitation, in Europe. Liz also taught in Watford as well as starting a group in Harrow, on her return from India.  Liz, who was born just over the border in Surrey, has been living and teaching in Hampshire since 1975. She says: “I have pleasure in inviting you to a friendly introductory talk on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation. This is a unique meditation which is simple, natural, and effortless which anyone can learn. I am confident that, should you decide to learn, it will awaken new possibilities and improve your quality of life in ways you can scarcely imagine. It is a privilege to teach Maharishi’s knowledge and a great joy to see the changes that take place in people after they learn. I would be happy to hear from you. I thought you might like this quote from Maharishi:”Generation after generation man is born anew.  Each generation gives rise to new aspirations in life and brings a new quest for fulfilment.  Each man needs sound physical and mental health, greater ability in action, a greater capacity to think clearly, increased efficiency in work, and more loving and rewarding relationships with others.  He needs enough vitality and intelligence to satisfy the desires of his mind and bring contentment to his life.  We have all seen that all this can be gained through the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.” Maharishi

Haydock / North Cheshire

Telephone: 07973 303943
John Markham


Telephone: 01482 442686
Iain Hogg


19 Garden Square, Rendlesham, IP12 2GW, UK
Telephone: 07909 534284
Nigel Kahn, Paul Kember, Judith Kember

ipswich Paul-Kember-219x134Paul and Judith can be contacted on 01394 421163. Paul has a BSc in Engineering, a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Ergonomics. Before qualifying as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation he was in charge of the Ergonomics laboratory at Cranfield University doing teaching, research and consultancy in ergonomics. It was there, whilst working on occupational stress that he came across Transcendental Meditation. The published research on Transcendental Meditation was so impressive that he decided to learn. He experienced the profound benefits and decided to become a full-time teacher of Transcendental Meditation.

ipswich england britain Judith-Kember-Judith Kember says: “I have been drawn to two professions that give joy to people. The first was as a violin teacher in Bedfordshire. When I learnt Transcendental Meditation I found the benefits were so profound on my life that I realised that Transcendental Meditation would be very rewarding to teach. Unlike playing the violin, anyone can learn Transcendental Meditation and find joy and fulfilment in life.”

Isle of Wight

Sandown, Isle of Wight PO36 0ES
Telephone: 01983 404560/07950 216374
William Treend

Will Treend teaches Transcendental Meditation in the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. He first learnt TM in 1976. At the time he was the owner of a Hair Salon and soon enjoyed the benefits of TM, enjoying more creativity and acquiring 3 more Salons effortlessly. Simultaneously he was drawn to retraining himself using the Vidal Sassoon Academies in London (Vidal was also a TM practitioner ) and aspiring to become the No1 creative Hair Stylist in Hampshire. Will soon realised however that there was a bigger picture to creativity and the desire to share the gift of TM outweighed the ego driven drive for more fame, so he went deeper into the advanced programmes of TM necessary to becoming a TM Teacher. In 1993 he became a fully qualified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation for the Portsmouth area and has since taught the technique all over the world. The Isle of Wight represents a beautiful setting to learn TM, attracting people who want to combine learning TM with a weekend break in pure silent countryside with the ocean never far away – so Bliss inside and outside.

Jersey & Channel Islands

9/10 West Centre, St Helier, Jersey JE2 4ST
Telephone: 077977 46078
Val Murray

Lancaster and Preston

northern ireland Leesha-and-David-gaffneyTelephone: 01695 726515
Leesha Gaffney and David Evans

David Evans became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation almost thirty years ago and has taught in Bradford, Northern Ireland and the North West of England. Leesha Gaffney, his wife, recently qualified as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation. David is also a therapist at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Skelmersdale; and Leesha has taught Modern Languages in schools, adult education and to business for more than 20 years.


leicester susan lincoln ayurvedaRiverside Rd, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 4BP, UK
Telephone: 01394 549985/07980 335757
Susan Lincoln

Sue Lincoln has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1976, working in Kent, Sussex, and Leicestershire. She has held residential courses specialising in families and the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (Ayurveda).


Telephone: 0151 2701434
Pat Stone

London – City & East

london uk meditating Neil-Lukover-Islington, London N1, UK
Telephone: 07957 387969
Neil Lukover

Neil Lukover has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for many years in the London area. He had his own jewellery business for a number of years and also worked in the computer software industry.

London – North West & Herts

Sterling House, Breasy Place, Burroughs Gardens, London NW4 4AU
Telephone: 0203 370 3287
Michael Pierce, Lesly Moss

london north west Michael-Pierce-Michael Jon Pierce has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1980. Besides teaching Transcendental Meditation, he has been a Director of a Housing Trust and Assistant Principal of a College of Further Education. He lives with his partner, Claire, a counsellor/therapist, and their daughter, and is the author of Bland Ambition and Other Poems (David Paul Press).

london herts Lesley-Moss-Lesley Moss has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1977. Besides teaching TM, she has experience of business and a variety of teaching. Lesley combines a deep knowledge of Transcendental Meditation with a good sense of humour and the ability to explain meditation experiences in simple, comprehensible language. She is currently just completing a PhD in the language of literature.

London – Canary Wharf

london canary wharf Alex-Phillips-219x135Unit 5, 3 Birchfield Street, London E14 8ED
Alex and Maura 07757 346 471; James Scott 07803 013800

Maura and Alex are a husband and wife team who have been practising and teaching Transcendental Meditation all their adult lives. They have had long-standing careers in the Transcendental Meditation organisation in the UK and Ireland and have worked on special projects internationally. Besides teaching the technique, they have also led many of the residential courses designed to expand and deepen the experience of the practice.

London – South & Bromley

london south Ged-Valente-London, SE12 0EF
Telephone: 0794 9373 415
Ged Valente

Ged Valente is the local Transcendental Meditation teacher covering South London, Bromley and the surrounding area. He is also a secondary school teacher teaching English language and literature as well as being a fully qualified ESOL teacher. He learnt Transcendental Meditation when he was 19 and looking for an effective DIY self-development technique. “As soon as I heard about TM, it intuitively felt right and within a few days of learning, I realized I’d hit the jackpot. It has markedly improved the quality of my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined. It’s absolutely tremendous; and it’s a fantastic privilege to teach this wonderful, unique technique to others.”

London – Shepherds Bush

Shepherds Bush, London W12 7ER
Telephone: 0208 749 5442
Maura McCann, Mahnaz Emami

london shepherds bush tm Maura-Phillips-mccannMaura has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1980. She joins the team of 3 teachers at the London Shepherds Bush centre. Maura also teaches with her husband at the London Docklands centre.

london centre city Mahnaz-Emami-Dr Emami is an experienced teacher of Transcendental Meditation and also a fully qualified Maharishi Ayur Vedic Consultant and Aroma Therapist. “When the mind transcends during TM, the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms are fully activated. With regular practice, accumulated stresses and fatigue are released, improving the body’s natural ability to replenish, rejuvenate and heal itself from within.”

London – Victoria

Telephone: 0333 123 1008

london victoria justyna SobkowiczJustyna Sobkowicz is our executive TM Victoria Centre Chairperson. She previously worked as a marketing manager and has a Masters in Business.

london victoria tm centreMav took the fast track to becoming a TM teacher after only two years of meditating. He is educated as a solicitor in England and has studied Swedish, French, Spanish and German languages at University. His interests including playing guitar and has released several albums. He also directs music videos and shorts.

london victoria beatrice farkas_crBeatrix Farkas: “I’ve been teaching TM since 1992 in Central and South West London. I can teach in English and Hungarian and my education and previous background was in science, research chemistry, which almost satisfied my curiosity about the world. Learning and teaching TM provided another dimension, partly by giving an anchor and the ultimate answer to the order and origin of the world – and by connecting directly with people and making a difference in their lives.”

James Scott has been practising Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. He decided to become a TM teacher after working in corporate finance for almost 10 years and experiencing first-hand the benefits TM brings into a high-pressure work environment. Growing up, James attended a school where all of the students and teachers practise TM. James is particularly interested in projects utilising Transcendental Meditation in education and the workplace.

london victoria meditation centre anna-creeseAnna Creese has been the chairperson of the Victoria TM Centre for the last 8 years. “I have been meditating since 1981 and teaching TM for over 20 years. I personally found TM of great benefit in terms of physical health. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and within 6 months of learning TM I was fine. However, I did not expect the additional benefits which helped me out psychologically. I experienced increased self awareness leading to a deep internal transformation that allowed me to find myself in life. It is a wonderful feeling to know who you are and what you want. In teaching TM, I am deeply honoured to have witnessed great benefits in others who have learnt through our TM Centre. I wish all our future meditators life changing experiences leading to happiness, health and fulfilment of all desires. As Maharishi said, “Suffering does not belong to life. Life is for us to enjoy!”


manchester courses study learn David-Hughes-6 Mount Street, Manchester M2, UK
Telephone: 07854 688113
David Hughes

David Hughes has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for 40 years and has written many articles on TM, which have been published in national newspapers and journals. David also works with the David Lynch Foundation, which funds TM courses for at-risk groups including the homeless, those with alcohol and drug addiction, veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, and others. 

Milton Keynes / Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Telephone: 01695 51213
Moira Carter

Moira Carter is based in Milton Keynes but holds talks and courses in Transcendental Meditation throughout Beds, Bucks & Northants. If you would like more information on courses in your local area, Moira will be delighted to hear from you.


Forres, Moray, IV362SS
Telephone: 01309 262276/01343 644241
Duncan and Jackie Paterson

Newhaven & East Sussex

47 Hillcrest Road, Newhaven BN9 9EE
Telephone: 07946 386290
Marek Lorys,

essex newhaven england Marek-Lorys-Marek Lorys learned Transcendental Meditation at university and worked for the Transcendental Meditation organisation in the UK for several years. He now lives in Newhaven and works as a freelance translator and interpreter.

Frances Knight trained with Maharishi as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1971, and has been practising Transcendental Meditation since she was a teenager. She has taught the technique in many countries around the world, and has also spent many years working with Maharishi at his international headquarters on art projects.


Blakeney, Norfolk NR257PB
Telephone: 01263 741 028
Marion Chalmers

Marion Chalmers runs her own business and Francis teaches Maths at a local secondary school.They are both long-established and certified Teachers of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation.

North Wales

Telephone: 01695 735579
David Hughes

David Hughes has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for more than 20 years and has also written many articles on the subject, which have been published in national newspapers and journals. He currently works in a managerial position as well as teaching TM.


norwich norfolk courses learn Russell-France-Stanley Rd, Diss, Norfolk IP22 4BN
Telephone: 01379 309 014
Russell France

Russell has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for many years. He is also a school teacher and lives in Diss.


nottingham courses meditating teacher Julianne-Christou-Teesdale Rd, Nottingham NG51DA
Telephone: 0115 847 1392
Julianne Christou

Julianne Christou has been teaching Transcendental Meditation for many years in the Nottingham area. After training as a school teacher and teaching in Nottingham, Julianne lived in Cyprus for 10 years where she taught drama to children. This is where she learnt Transcendental Meditation. On her return to England, Julianne trained to become a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and has been teaching it ever since, including in Cyprus and in Moscow. For a number of years now, she has worked in Nottingham as a Community Development Worker and is currently employed on a project about Social Care.


oxford england britain teacher Linda-Barlow-Bitterell, Eynsham, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 4JL, UK
Telephone: 01865 880578
Linda Barlow

Linda has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for over 36 years. She holds regular talks and courses of instruction in Transcendental Meditation in both Oxford and Henley.


Salisbury Rd, Portsmouth PO4
Telephone: 01983 404560/07950 216374
William Treend

Will Treend teaches Transcendental Meditation in the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and surrounding areas. He first learnt TM in 1976.


Harbord Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S8 0BB
Telephone: 01394 549985/07980 335757
Sue Lincoln

Sue has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1976, working in Kent, Sussex, and Leicestershire. She has held residential courses specialising in families and the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (Ayurveda). Although there is not a full time centre in Sheffield, Sue organises regular talks and courses of instruction in TM.


Skelmersdale WN8 6TA
Telephone: 01695 728 115
Will and Janet Ayliffe, Claire Winteringham

skelmersdale teachers school maharishi cbe Will-and-Janet-Ayliffe-Will and Janet Ayliffe have been teaching Transcendental Meditation in the local area for 27 years, amongst others to families whose children attend the Consciousness-Based Education local school. Will and Janet can be contacted on 01695 728815. The Northwest Centre is connected to a large community, the Maharishi European Sidhaland, which won the prestigious British Urban Renewal Award in 2000 in recognition of its 20-year success in improving the quality of life in the area through “a different and unconventional joined-up approach which addresses education, health, housing, employment and crime in a positive and unusual way”. This community offers residential and advanced courses in Transcendental Meditation as well as hosting a natural health care clinic offering superb Maharishi Ayurveda treatments, a Consciousness-Based Education school, as well as regular group meditation and many special events for people already practicing Transcendental Meditation.


7 Cobden Crescent, Southampton SO18 4EX, UK
Telephone: 0238 058 6044
David Plummer 

David Plummer has been teaching Transcendental Meditation in the south of England since 1989. He has an MA in aesthetics. “Please do come and enjoy a relaxed introduction to the simple, natural, effortless practice of Transcendental Meditation, which will help you to fulfil all your aspirations and guide you to a life of good health in mind, body and behaviour. Just pick up the phone and call us on 023 8058 6044 and we will do our best to help you.”


Albany Rd, Stratford Upon Avon CV37 6PG
Telephone: 07973 442650
Huw & Linda Meads

Huw originates from Sutton Coldfield and is currently a lecturer in Media Studies at Bourneville College in Birmingham. Linda has her own practice teaching Remedial Breathing. Linda and Huw became teachers of Transcendental Meditation in 1990, based in Stratford-upon-Avon from 1996 running the Heart of England Centre. Over the past 20 years more than 800 people have learnt Transcendental Meditation with Linda and Huw, in both private and corporate courses. They teach courses, lead monthly Meditators’ meetings, and offer one-2-one TM checking, in Albany Road, Stratford-upon-Avon.


Suffolk Teachers courses centre residenceMaharishi Peace Palace, Gardenia Close, Rendlesham, nr Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2GX
Telephone: 01394 421136
Felicity Kaplan, Annie Renwick and John Renwick

TM Suffolk is a vibrant Centre for Transcendental Meditation currently with three teachers of TM working here. From left to right in the picture: Felicity Kaplan, Annie Renwick and John Renwick. The Centre offers the opportunity to learn the practice either locally or in a residential setting in the Maharishi Peace Palace, and to enjoy a wide range of knowledge meetings and residential courses for those already practising TM.


tunbridge Bernard-jane Bence-Park Rd, Tunbridge Wells TN40NU
Telephone: 01892 536683
Bernard & Jane Bence

Bernard and Jane Bence trained as teachers of Transcendental Meditation in 1975 and have worked for Maharishi Foundation for over 30 years. They are both very experienced teachers of the TM technique. The Kent Transcendental Meditation Centre is located just off the A26 on the north side of Tunbridge Wells. It is easily accessibly either by public transport or via the motorway network and is 5 minutes drive from the A21.


16 Regency Mews, Twickenham TW7 7LX
Telephone: 0208 894 9229
Charles & Janice Cunningham

twickenham centre Charles-Cunningham-Charles Cunningham has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Health Promotion. Having been a senior database analyst in the manufacturing sector, he then specialised in teaching Transcendental Meditation for over 25 years, and has taught this technique to over 2,000 people, largely in and around London. He received referrals from a private psychiatric hospital for 15 years, and worked as part of an international team on an aid project to Armenia in 1989 using the technique to help post traumatic stress victims. Charles has also conducted research in collaboration with St George’s Hospital in south London investigating the effects of Transcendental Meditation on cardiovascular disease. He has lectured to varied audiences on Transcendental Meditation and Ayurvedic health care and has taught Transcendental Meditation to GPs under the Post-Graduate Continuing Education programme. He is currently Director of Communication for Maharishi Foundation, the educational charity that teaches Transcendental Meditation and associated programmes in the UK.

manchester Janice-Cunningham-Janice Cunningham qualified as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation with Charles in 1989, after which they worked together at the main London Centre for some years. She now teaches Transcendental Meditation part-time. Janice also has a degree in Travel and Tourism Management, and continues to pursue a career in travel, at the same time.

West Yorkshire

Telephone: 01943 601050/07557 749691 (Richard); 07805 572541 (Russell)
Richard Tollinton, Russell France

yorkshire course learn teaching Richard-Tollinton-Richard Tollinton trained as a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1978 and taught in Kent, Brighton and other parts of Sussex. He also has over 30 years’ experience working in local government and the NHS, both as a qualified social worker and manager, mostly specialising in mental health. Following his retirement from the NHS Richard returned to teaching Transcendental Meditation, mainly in his home area of Wiltshire. “After leaving the mental health services it is wonderful to be teaching such a simple natural technique which can improve health and increase happiness and wellbeing,” Richard says.

Russell has been teaching Transcendental Meditation since 1978. He has taught in Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridge, North London and Suffolk. He is retired science teacher and lives in Diss.


Hunts Mead, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 2JP, UK
Telephone: 01380 850712
Richard Tollinton

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