Transcendental Meditation

“Quiet Time“ anniversary in San Francisco

transcendental-meditation-at-san-fransisco-school with russell brand david lynch and barry zito

From left: San Francisco „Giants“ baseball team’s pitcher Barry Zito, director David Lynch, actor Russell Brand and student Chris Lacayo meditating at Burton High School in San Francisco. Photo: Lea Suzuki, SF Chronicle.

On May 6th, students at Burton High School in San Francisco meditated  together with David Lynch, Russell Brand and local celebrity Barry Zito.

The event marked the 6th year of the district’s Quiet Time program, which uses Transcendental Meditation techniques to help students focus and stay calm. The program is sponsored by the David Lynch Foundation.

As “Quiet Time” is increasingly supported by research evidence confirming better student behavior and academic performance, several schools in San Francisco school district have integrated it into their curriculum.

“Quite Time“ has improved attendance and test scores while reducing suspensions.“ said Superintendent Richard Carranza.

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