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Brain integration, the key to creativity

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Travis, Fred & Lagrosen, Yvonne. “Creativity and Brain-Functioning in Product Development Engineers: A Canonical Correlation Analysis”, Creativity Research Journal, Vol 26 / 2, 2014, pp 239-243.
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Creativity may depend on greater brain integration, according to a new study published in Creativity Research Journal.

Brain researcher Dr. Fred Travis (Maharishi University, US) and quality management researcher Dr. Yvonne Lagrosen (University West, Sweden) studied a group of highly inventive product engineers to unlock the secret of original thought.

Why are some people so good at thinking outside the box?

Some people are always alert, interested in learning new things and disposed to see the whole picture. They tend to think in wide circles, and come up with a strikingly good solution to any old problem.

“It’s a simple fact that some people stand out, and we’re trying to tease out why,” said Dr. Fred Travis. “We hypothesized that something must be different about the way their brains work, and here’s what we’re finding.”

21 engineers at a Volvo factory

In their study, Dr. Travis and Dr. Lagrosen worked with 21 Swedish product engineers from a Volvo factory manufacturing aircraft engines and stationary gas turbines. The participating product developers were first tested with Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT), and showed high above average results for creativity and successful problem-solving.

The subjects were then attached to an EEG device, commonly used to collect data on brain lobes and the waves they produce. The engineers were also tested on swiftness of decision making, speed of processing information and sense of coherence.

The data was then used to identify and quantify brain integration – also known as mind-brain development –, which was found to be at higher levels among those who scored the best on creativity tests.

To develop your creativity, start meditating

“Our empirical findings highlight that creativity, in the form of flexibility and originality, is connected to whole brain functioning and psychological development,” says Dr. Lagrosen. “Since creativity is highly important for individual success, optimizing brain functioning should be a priority for every student.”

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Qulity management researcher, co-author of the study Dr. Yvonne Lagrosen from University West, Sweden.

This raises an obvious question.

“Is it possible to increase one’s level of brain integration, or is it simply a matter of genes (nature) or a supportive environment (nurture)?” asks Dr. Travis.

Numerous previous research studies have indicated that brain integration can be significantly increased with the help of regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique. “People who want to excel in any field should consider learning Transcendental Meditation,” says Dr. Travis, “and see for themselves the effect of regular transcending on inner happiness and outer success.”

Source of the article:
Medical News Today

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