Transcendental Meditation

INFOGRAPHIC: Four scientific reasons to learn Transcendental Meditation

What more could you want from life than to be more healthy, more relaxed, more productive and better rested? TM center in Brighton has released another beautiful infographic which gives you four great reasons to learn Transcendental Meditation all based on solid research!

4 Reasons to learn Transcendental Meditation final

Lower blood pressure, increase stress tolerance, improved productivity and less time tossing in bed

Firstly, the infographic highlights the positive effect of Transcendental Meditation on lowering blood pressure. Secondly, evidence is presented regarding how TM increases stress tolerance. Thirdly there is a chart depicting the boost in productivity that Transcendental Meditation practice has been proven to provide. Fourthly, results of scientific studies on just how much more quickly TM can help a person fall asleep have been captured in a visual form.

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