Transcendental Meditation

Meditation could save from heart attack

If you have not managed to cut down on those extra doughnuts or cigarettes after your doctor warned you about the risks of a heart attack, meditation may help you lose the desire for them.

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Made popular in the West during the 1960s by music icons such as The Beatles, today’s fast-paced lifestyle could do with a dose of Transcendental Meditation, which has been proven to half the risk of heart issues.

Transcendental Meditation exercises the part of the brain that allows you to calm down. Studies have shown that people who practise Transcendental Meditation have a 50 per cent reduction of heart attack, stroke or death over a five-year period. That is amazing,” American neurologist Dr Russ Hornstein told Times of Malta.

Doctor’s advice, based on his own experience

Dr Hornstein lives and works in Malta, and has been practising Transcendental Meditation (also known, for short, as TM) for 20 years.

Originally the 42-year-old turned to the technique to manage his stress levels midway through his postgraduate studies.

But apart from relaxing him, meditating also changed his capacity to focus, absorb and retain more information during his studies.

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Dr Russ Hornstein. Photo: Times of Malta.

Nowadays, his wife and even his four-year-old son use the TM technique.

Studies, including research published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, have found that people with heart disease who practised Transcendental Meditation twice daily over five years were 48 per cent less likely to have a heart attack, stroke or die.

“Meditation could save you from having a heart attack” by Sarah Carabott, Times of Malta