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INFOGRAPHIC: Pregnancy, stress & meditation

What kind of harm does stress cause to pregnancy? How can the expecting mother reduce the negative impact of stress, and take the best care of herself and her soon to be born baby?

Here’s our infographic which summarizes the findings of most recent scientific research. (Click to enlarge the image.) To know more, read this in depth article about stress, pregnancy and meditation.

pregnancy stress meditation research infographic

How stress during pregnancy is harmful for the mother and the baby

Maternal stress increases the risk of

  • difficulties conceiving and miscarriage,
  • premature delivery,
  • longer labour,
  • child’s low birth weight,
  • child’s cognitive development problems,
  • baby’s emotional development problems.

How to manage stress while expecting:
Tips from scientists and doctors

  1. Stick to a healthy routine which involves plenty of sleep.
  2. Learn and practice a scientifically proven stress reduction technique (for example, Transcendental Meditation).
  3. Stop working as early as possible, preferrably by the third trimester of pregnancy.
  4. Get support from your partner, friends and family members before, during and after your baby is born.

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