Transcendental Meditation

60 latest scientific research articles on meditation and its effects

What does modern science say about the ancient wisdom of meditation? See for yourself!

recent research articles on effects of transcendental meditation

In the article “10 Biggest Benefits of Meditation” we presented an overview of scientific research on meditation in simple, everyday language. Here we have upped the ante — this section is meant for those who want to go more deeply into the studies and read the research papers themselves.

We have provided as many full texts of research papers as possible. And in the cases we were been unable to make the full text of the scientific article available online due to copyright issues, we’ve included a link to the publisher’s page where the study can be purchased.

We continually update this database to add the latest research studies.

Academic articles on meditation and health


“Investigating the effect of transcendental meditation on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis” (2015)

Beyond medications and diet: Alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure. A scientific statement from the American Heart Association” (2013)

blood pressure meditation scientific study w2Blood pressure response to Transcendental Meditation: A meta-analysis” (2008)

Stress reduction programs in patients with elevated blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis” (2007)

“Long-term effects of stress reduction on mortality in persons ≥55 years of age with systemic hypertension” (2005)

Catecholamine levels in practitioners of the transcendental meditation technique” (2001)


“Effects of lifestyle modification on telomerase gene expression in hypertensive patients: A pilot trial of stress reduction and health education programs in African Americans” (2015)

“Stress reduction in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease” (2012)

“Impact of Transcendental Meditation on left ventricular mass in African American adolescents” (2012)

meditation scientific research studies heart disease study w2_cr“Effectiveness of TM on functional capacity and quality of life of African Americans with congestive heart failure: A randomized control study” (2007)

“Effects of a randomized controlled trial of Transcendental Meditation on components of the metabolic syndrome in subjects with coronary heart disease” (2006)

Psychosocial stress and cardiovascular disease, part 2: Effectiveness of the TM meditation program in treatment and prevention” (2002)

“Impact of TM on cardiovascular function at rest and during acute stress in adolescents with high/normal blood pressure” (2001)

“Effects of stress reduction on carotid atherosclerosis in hypertensive African Americans” (2000)


“The role of the Transcendental Meditation technique in promoting smoking cessation: A longitudinal study” (1994)

“Treating and preventing alcohol, nicotine, and drug abuse through TM: A review and statistical meta-analysis” (1994)

“Effectiveness of broad spectrum approaches to relapse prevention in severe alcoholism: A long-term, randomized, controlled trial of TrM, EMG biofeedback and electronic neurotherapy” (1994)

science meditation research studies results w2OTHER

“Clinical practice guidelines for supportive care of patients treated for breast cancer” (2014)

“Levels of immune cells in transcendental meditation practitioners” (2014)

“Effects of behavioral stress reduction Transcendental Meditation intervention in persons with HIV” (2013)

Scientific studies on meditation and mental health


“Transcendental Meditation and reduced trauma symptoms in female inmates” (2017)

“Reduced trauma symptoms and perceived stress in male prison inmates through the Transcendental Meditation Program: A randomized controlled trial” (2016)

“Changes in trait brainwave power and coherence, state and trait anxiety after three-month Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice” (2016)

“Stress reduction with the Transcendental Meditation program in caregivers: A pilot study” (2015)

“Effect of Transcendental Meditation on employee stress, depression, and burnout: A randomized controlled study” (2014)

“Effects of the TM technique on trait anxiety: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials” (2013)

recent scientific research studies articles stress w2“The effect of meditation on self-reported measures of stress, anxiety, depression, and perfectionism in college population” (2011)

“Effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on adaptive mechanisms: changes in hormone levels and responses to stress after 4 months of practice” (1997)


Disaster relief for the Japanese earthquake-tsunami of 2011: Stress reduction through the Transcendental Meditation technique” (2015)

“Significant reductions in posttraumatic stress symptoms in Congolese refugees within 10 days of Transcendental Meditation practice” (2014)

“Impact of Transcendental Meditation on Psychotropic Medication Use Among Active Duty Military Service Members With Anxiety and PTSD” (2013)

“Effects of TM on PTSD in Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom: A Pilot Study” (2011)


“ADHD, brain functioning, and TM practice” (2011)

“Use of the TM technique to reduce symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by reducing stress and anxiety: An exploratory study” (2008)


“Societal violence and collective consciousness: Reduction of U.S. homicide and urban violent crime rates” (2016)

“Transcendental meditation for autism spectrum disorders? A perspective” (2015)

“Effects of Transcendental Meditation on mental health: a before-after study” (2008)

Research on meditation, psychological traits and cognition


Default mode network activation and Transcendental Meditation practice: Focused attention or automatic self-transcending?” (2017)

“Neurofeedback-enhanced gamma brainwaves from the prefrontal cortical region of meditators and non-meditators and associated subjective experiences” (2011)

“Effects of TM practice on brain functioning and stress reactivity in college students” (2009)

science research studies meditation brain coherence w2“Cross-sectional and longitudinal study of effects of Transcendental Meditation practice on inter-hemispheric frontal asymmetry and frontal coherence” (2006)

“Effects on regional cerebral blood flow of Transcendental Meditation” (1996)


Creativity and brain-functioning in product development engineers: A canonical correlation analysis” (2014)

Transcendental experiences during meditation practice” (2014)

“Accelerating cognitive and self-development: Longitudinal studies with preschool and elementary school children” (2005)

Awareness and cognition: The role of awareness training in child development” (2005)


“Practicing Transcendental Meditation in high schools: Relationship to well-being and academic achievement among students” (2015)

“Effect of the Transcendental Meditation program on graduation, college acceptance and dropout rates for students attending an urban public high school” (2013)

Academic achievement and Transcendental Meditation: A study with at-risk urban middle school students” (2011)

“A randomized controlled trial on effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on blood pressure, psychological distress, and coping in young adults” (2009)

meditation research study business success intelligence leadership_w2Leadership development and self-development: an empirical study” (2008)

“The experience of TM in middle school students: A qualitative report” (2006)

“Impact of stress reduction on negative school behavior in adolescents” (2003)

Total Quality Management and the TM Meditation program in a Swedish top management” (1999)


“TM program and marital adjustment” (2010)

“A comparative study of dimensions of healthy functioning between families practicing the TM meditation program for 5 years or more or for less than a year” (2004)

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