Transcendental Meditation

Study on alchoholism treatment

Effectiveness of broad spectrum approaches to relapse prevention in severe alcoholism: A long-term, randomized, controlled trial of Transcendental Meditation, EMG biofeedback and electronic neurotherapy

Authors:  Taub, Edward; Steiner, Solomon S.; Weingarten, Eric; Walton, Kenneth G.

Published:  Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Vol 11(1-2), 1994, 187-220

Methods: Severe, chronic, highly transient alcoholics treated at Rehabilitation Center for Alcoholics and District of Columbia Veterans home, residential facility were randomly assigned to groups receiving Transcendental Meditation (TM), EMG biofeedback (BF) or electronic neurotherapy (NT) combined with routine AA and counselling and control group receiving only the routine therapy (RT). Intensive follow-up procedures were used and information on alcohol consumption and other parameters (Social History Questionnaire and its follow-up, Profile of Mood States and Beta Intelligence Test) was collected over 18-month period.

Results:  6,12 and 18 months after leaving the treatment facility, Transcendental Meditation and BF groups exhibited significantly higher percentage of non-drinking days that routine therapy and neurotherapy groups. 65% of TM group and 55% of BF group reported complete abstinence 18 months following departure from treatment centre, compared to 25% of routine therapy and 28% of neurotherapy group. Subjects improved on subscales of Profile of Mood States in Transcendental Meditation group (5 out of 6 subscales) and BF group (2 our of 6 subscales), but not in routine therapy or neurotherapy group. The results suggest the usefulness of Transcendental Meditation and EMG biofeedback in  alcohol  relapse prevention.

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