Transcendental Meditation

Study on healthy family relationships

A Comparative Study of Dimensions of Healthy Functioning Between Families Practicing the Transcendental Meditation Program for Five Years or More or For Less Than a Year

Author: Martha E. Chen

Published: Journal of Holistic Nursing, March 1987, vol 5: pp 6-10

Methods: Using Beavers-Timberlawn Evaluation Scale families who have been practicing the Transcendental Meditation program for five years or more were compared to families who have been practicing Transcendental Meditation for less than a year. The following characteristics were measured: structure of the family, mythology, goal-directed negotiations, autonomy, family affect and global health-pathology. Sample consisted of 23 families (15 long-term, 8 short-term meditators). Sixty-minute video-taped interaction was taped and evaluated independently by two master’s prepared nurse clinicians.

Results: Statistically significant differences in terms of functional family relationships were found between groups. On each dimension of the scale, long-term meditating families were found to be healthier than short-term meditating families. Long-term meditating families’ results also compared favourably to results of normal group of families as established by prior studies.

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