Transcendental Meditation

Study on smoking cessation

The role of the Transcendental Meditation technique in promoting smoking cessation: A longitudinal study

Authors:  Royer, Ann

Published:  Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, Vol 11(1-2), 1994. Special issue: Self-recovery: Treating addictions using Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Ayur-Veda: I. pp. 221-239.

Methods: All subjects attended free introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique. A questionnaire was used to establish their current smoking status and history, demographic and socioeconomic status and interest in Transcendental Meditation before the lecture. Based on this 226 smokers who subsequently learnt Transcendental Meditation and 850 smokers who did not learn Transcendental Meditation following the lecture (control group) became the subjects of the study. 20-24 months later a follow-up questionnaire was mailed to all participants. he only non-identical aspect of the follow-up questionnaire was that Transcendental Meditation group was asked about the regularity of their practice of Transcendental Meditation technique and control group was asked comparable questions on possible participation in other types of personal development programs.

Results: 2 years posttest 51% of those fully adherent to Transcendental Meditation practice had quit smoking and an additional 30% had decrease the number smoked daily by at least 5 cigarettes. For those partially adherent to Transcendental Meditation practice, these numbers were respectively 21% and 34%. In the control group, 21% had quit smoking and 12% had reduced the number of cigarettes smoked daily by at least 5. The author concludes that considering these differences in smoking cessation among the three groups, further randomized controlled trials would be in the interest of nation’s health and well-being.

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