Transcendental Meditation

The burning question of military rape

army rape -- meditation and sexual assault in military

Rape incidents, 2006-2011 (per 100 000 people). Source: TIME Magazine.

In the US, the issue of sexual assault in the army is more urgent than ever. According to official data from the Defence Department, more than 50 people are raped in the country’s military… each day.

How to stop and reverse the staggering rise in the number of military rape? And how to give the best possible help to all the victims?

The first step – and with this delicate and painful topic it is easier said than done – is to lay out the facts and analyse the patterns. With this aim in mind, The Huffington Post has begun a series of articles where it invites victims and advocates to speak out about their experience.

One of the first articles in this series, “Can Transcendental Meditation Help Military Rape Victims?”, was written by Britten Chroman. As the director of the women’s initiative of the David Lynch Foundation, she has come across many terrible stories. However, in this capacity, she has also seen incredible and encouraging recoveries.

It could well be that one of the easiest and most efficient solutions in overcoming the trauma of military rape lies in the technique of Transcendental Meditation.

Britten Chroman’s article