Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation by Bob Roth

TM: Transcendental Meditation by Robert (Bob) Roth is a gem of a book. It is arguably the ideal short introduction to the meditation technique which has been taking the world by storm.

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Full title: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM –Transcendental Meditation. A New Introduction to Maharishi’s Easy, Effective and Scientifically Proven Technique for Promoting Better Health, Unfolding Your Creative Potential – and Creating Peace in the World
Type / genre: Book, non-fiction
Length: 196 pages
Author: Robert Roth
: 2011 (updated and revised print)

Overview of the Transcendental Meditation practice for a busy bee

The language of Bob Roth’s book is clear, yet eloquent. The content is structured in such a way that topics of interest for a specific reader can be easily located.

Chapter by chapter, the book covers all the major pros of Transcendental Meditation: achieving one’s full potential; improving mental and physical health; enhancing one’s relationships; promoting well-being and success at work; living in such a way that things just go the right way with ease; reducing crime and creating world peace.

It also talks about the procedure for learning and addresses other frequently asked questions.

Fast, and approachable

The personal testimonies of doctors, homemakers, businessmen, teachers etc. make it easy for the reader to identify with these witnesses to the benefits of the technique. The book also contains charts depicting the findings of some of the research studies – adding further weight and credibility to the arguments on the benefits of Transcendental Meditation.

This is a perfect gift to give to anyone you are hoping to inspire to learn TM, but who’s too busy to ponder over some longer treatise – yet prefers a book to a website for absorbing new information.

With the appendix and detailed charts taking up some of the 196 pages, one can easily go through this book in one sitting.