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Bob Roth gives a talk at Google Zeitgeist

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Bob Roth

Bob Roth, the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, spoke at Google Zeitgeist ‘14 on how stress, the “black plague of the 21st century,” can be relieved through the Transcendental Meditation technique.

Bob Roth started his talk by admitting that he was ‘one of the unlikeliest persons to ever become a meditation teacher’.

“Along the way – my father had been going to school full time and working at the same time, all the crazyness – somebody said, ’You should learn Transcendental Meditation.’ And I said, ’Not on your life!’ I am, by nature, and still continue to be, an extremely skeptical person. I am data-driven, I don’t want to have to believe in anything, so I said, ’Not interested. Meditation is not even in my vocabulary.’“

Watch the full video to know what changed Bob Roth’s mind and how he became one of the most active teachers of Transcendental Meditation in the US –

Google Zeitgeist: Bob Roth on Relieving the World’s Stress with Transcendental Meditation

Bob Roth at Google Zeitgeist in Phoenix, Arizona, September 15, 2014. Source: DLFTV

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