Transcendental Meditation

Dr. Oz on benefits of meditation

A video clip by Dr. Oz where he describes the influence of Transcendental Meditation in his own life and the lives of the members of his creative team.

Dr Oz on benefits of transcendental meditation reviews testimonials user experience

Dr Oz says: “I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation or TM for nearly three years. 6 months ago I decided to offer Transcendental Meditation to everyone in my team on Dr Oz Show. I’ve seen the extensive research documenting its benefits and I’ve also seen so many people whom I admire and respect incorporate meditation in their own lives. And sharing it with the people they care for.”

Dr Oz admits that being a type A, high-power individual he was initially quite skeptical of such a mental technique. What really turned the tables was the effects and beneficial impacts he witnessed in people who had taken up the TM practice.

Mehmet Cengiz Oz (b. 1960), also known as Dr. Oz, is an American-Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality. Oz first appeared on the The Oprah WinfreyShow in 2004. In 2009, The Dr. Oz Show, a daily television program was launched.

Magazines like Times and Esquire have ranked Oz on their lists of the most influential people of the 21st century.