Transcendental Meditation

Meditation, creativity, peace: A documentary about David Lynch and his travels

David Lynch’s 16-country tour during 2007–2009

Length: 71 minutes
Author: David Lynch, The David Lynch Foundation
Released: 2012

Shot by film students, the documentary Meditation, Creativity, Peace follows the famous director David Lynch on his globetrotting journey through 16 countries in 2007-2009.He gives lectures and interviews, and is ever ready for a touch of tongue-in-cheek humour.

“Sweet like a donut”

As the title of the film suggests, the message centres on the crossroads of meditation and creativity. If practiced with full heart, the technique of Transcendental Meditation leads to a life full of positive, creative energy and a deep, ever-present peace.

Mostly black-and-white, the visual simplicity wonderfully supports the finger pointing to the moon. There is no need for complicated tricks when talking about that which matters.

In one of the opening scenes, we see Lynch – a self-confessed dessert connoisseur – holding up a donut.

“You don’t know how sweet and how good it is until you have tasted it,” Lynch drawls out pensively. “Meditation gives an experience much sweeter than this donut. It gives the experience of the sweetest nectar of life: pure bliss consciousness.”

During a premiere in Los Angeles, a reporter asked David Lynch to draw a before and after diagram of Transcendental Meditation. Here is the result —

meditation creativity peace david lynch diagram of transcendental meditation

“I’m going to draw ‘before’… Then this is ‘after,’ which is very good… And this is way after… ‘Way after’ is just a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful wholeness. Totality. Total fulfillment. Liberation. Salvation. A state described as more than the most.”