Transcendental Meditation

Meditation makeover. Incence and beads not required

Movie review

review transcendental meditation makeover incense beads not required

Full title: Meditation makeover. Incense and beads not required
Type / genre: documentary movie
Length: 20 min
Author: James Jude Forbes (director)
Published: 2010

A tax revenue officer. His homely wife. Their daughter, a CEO of a consultation company. And her three over-caffeinated, ambition-driven employees. This is the unlikely cast of real life characters in the documentary Meditation makeover.

And a small gem of a documentary it is.  

In only 20 minutes, it tells an intimate and emotional story of ordinary people who have taken up the practice of Transcendental Meditation.

By coincidence, almost indifferently and without firm belief. Yet even as they remain who they are – the angry man still gets angry from time to time, the boss still feels the work stress – something imperceptible is going on, too. Anger rubs off faster than before, and stress is slowly losing its teeth.

As the movie makes clear, spiritual makeover happens in the midst of the daily life. It is fully compatible with professional ambition, raising kids, and dancing to the disco music.

The movie is available for viewing online.