Transcendental Meditation

New book by Ann Purcell: The Power of Transcendence

Award-winning author Ann Purcell has released her third book, The Power of Transcendence: Growing in Love, Creativity, Health, and Happiness.  This collection of over fifty short articles reveals how the experience of transcendence transforms all aspects of life from within.

The book takes you on a journey through the tenderness of love, the source of all creativity, the universal path of enlightenment, and the power of silence.

The Power of Transcendence explores life’s essential questions: heaven now or later, the meaning of God, following your bliss, the deeper meaning of yoga, global connectedness, and many other meaningful topics. Ann Purcell’s latest book is easy, yet profound – an ideal summer read.

Reading The Power of Transcendence will expand your awareness, deepen your insights, uplift your heart, and most importantly, give you a concrete vision and path to create a better life.

Given the present chaotic state of global affairs, it is especially suiting to explore the possibilities highlighted in The Power of Transcendence, to create a more peaceful world.

These few comments by the readers highlight the merits of the book and its author most skillfully:

“I am amazed by your powers of perception. You are a highly tuned instrument and incredibly keen. An interesting transfer of mental strengthening occurs from the transference of your truths. One feels real expansion of consciousness. I believe this is an enormous gift to TM literature, and to the vast Universe of Eastern/Western thought. To those whom much is given, much is asked.”

“Astoundingly whip-smart, earthly and celestial. Definitely worth a timeout in a hammock!

“It is incredibly difficult to write about mystical, spiritual, meditative experiences. One has to reach out to a vast spectrum of minds. Some advanced, some beginners, and all the in between. If you do not have a file for all of this, it can escape your understanding. Your books are very user-friendly. Not abstract, not heavy duty, light as a feather. The thoughts are simple. The impact complex.”

Looking for a great new book for your book club? The varied topics covered in The Power of Transcendence make it perfect for a book club discussion. The author, Ann Purcell, would be happy to call into your book club meeting, and answer any questions about the book.

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