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FILM REVIEW: Saving the Disposable Ones

Stuart Tanner’s film Saving the Disposable Ones mirrors the most uplifting side of humanity – our capacity to be the change we wish to see in the world.

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A MAN ON A MISSION: There are currently 54 Hogares Claret Foundation programs in Colombia. Over the past 26 years, Father Mejia’s programs have given new direction to the lives of 24.000 children.

The documentary focuses on the work of the Hogares Claret Foundation led by Father Gabriel Mejia. The foundation’s centers provide shelter, food, mental and physical healing to homeless children of Colombia, enabling them to escape the trap of poverty, violence, and addiction.

Embarking on a new life off the streets

The film shows how the foundation’s philosophy of love and caring is put into real-life practice and thus becomes a life-altering force.

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A CHILD IS A DANCE OF CREATION: “I’m convinced that a young person is not a problem, but an opportunity. A child has infinite potential. A child is like a shrine, like a dance of creation. The basic therapy is love.“ — Father Gabriel Mejia, Hogares Claret Foundation

We are witnesses to how the gentle persuasion, the feeling of being loved and cared about, draws children to the foundation. The portrayal of the process is honest about how it is not easy for a child to leave behind the life on streets – no matter how grim it is – as this turnaround often means facing a battle with drug addiction.

Having been submerged in mental pain and stress for years, the children now have to fight the urge to lessen it in destructive ways.

Calm minds and open hearts

Yet, the centres are always open to children whenever they are ready to embark on the journey of healing.

Among the tools Father Mejia uses to help these children recover from the extreme stress of having lived on the streets is the practice of Transcendental Meditation. The technique forms one of the pillars of the foundation’s recovery plan as it provides relief for mental anguish without any harmful side effects.

It’s heart-warming to hear from the children how their lives have already changed – and about their newly-found dreams for an even better future.

In all this, Saving the Disposable Ones documents the amazing potential of human beings.

The film is both a moving portrait of Father Mejia, the incredible agent of change through love, and a rich collection of stories of these incredibly brave and resilient children who are, finally and against all odds, fully thriving.

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INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: “When a child closes the eyes and begins to meditate, when a child practices the Sidhis, they open themselves up to a field of infinite possibilities, as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said. The world opens up for the child. And then they discover their essential nature which is love.” — Father Gabriel Mejia, Hogares Claret Foundation