Transcendental Meditation

10 best videos on Transcendental Meditation

Here is a selection of, arguably, the ten most useful videos on the Transcendental Meditation technique. The clips range from personal testimonials to videos of groups of practitioners, covering both the essence and the effects of daily TM practice.

best video instruction on transcendental meditation technique BEST INTRODUCTION VIDEO ON TM: The hugely experienced meditation teacher Bob Roth gives you the basics of the technique — what it is and what it isn’t — in a nutshell.

video introduction to meditation practice tmWHAT IS TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION, AND HOW DOES IT WORK? Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1917-2008) made the TM technique popular all over the globe. In this video, Maharishi’s simple yet profound words to explain the essence of this practice.

transcendental meditation videos maharishi mahesh yogiMODERN PHYSICS, NATURE OF REALITY, AND MEDITATION: Harvard-educated physicist John Hagelin interviewed by the hilarious stand-up comedian Russell Brand. (The facts and theories talked about are true, nevertheless. ;))

transcendental meditation video instruction technique

IS IT EASY TO DO? Ellen DeGeneres speaks about how she finally found a meditation technique that she could practice without loosing her mind. “It’s the only time I’ve ever had stillness,” she explains. Watch Ellen DeGeneres sharing her thoughts about the practice of Transcendental Meditation:

documentary video meditation benefitsQUIET TIME PROGRAM: Education is the key to so many things in life. How to improve school attendance and help students achieve higher performance? A video by actress Judy Greer on what meditation can achieve for students and staff.

best meditation videos transcendental meditation technique benefits travisOUR BRAIN DURING MEDITATION: Is it possible to see and measure that which takes place in our brain while we do Transcendental Meditation? Yes, it is! In this video, Dr Fred Travis explains the changes in brain functioning with a live EEG experiment.

best meditation video introducation clips transcendental meditation technique benefits farrow brunsTHE LIFE JOURNEY OF A TM TEACHER: A very interesting video interview with one of the first Transcendental Meditation teachers in the West, Prudence Farrow Bruns. She talks about the forever unwinding journey towards enlightenment and spiritual opening. Video credit: Souljourns

best meditation videos instruction clips transcendental meditation technique benefits stress reliefTHE POWER TO HEAL STRESS: A key benefits of Transcendental Meditation practice is that it vastly reduces stress. In this touching video, an American veteran of Iraq War tells how TM has healed his psychological wounds of war.

best videos about meditation tm technique david lynch foundationTHE DAVID LYNCH FOUNDATION: Set up by the movie director of The Twin Peaks fame, the Foundation is dedicated to offering Transcendental Meditation to those who most need it. Victims of violence, students in inner city schools, refugees, firefighters, etc. David Lynch explains his personal connection to TM.

best videos about meditation technique practitioner testimonialPRACTITIONER SPEAKS: In this beautifully shot video, actress and singer Liv Tyler speaks about why she picked up Transcendental Meditation in the first place, and why she has continued the practice ever since.

40 more videos on TM

Here is a list  of other recent videos on Transcendental Meditation. The quality of these clips may vary, but they definitely provide an interesting overview of the practice and its practitioners. Click on the links or images to watch (we did not want to upload everything directly to this page as it would have made it rather heavy and slow).

Cameron-Diaz meditation video interview

Cameron Diaz talks about her TM practice

tm animation video meditation

Animation: What is TM?


David Lynch, film director and meditation advocate

school students meditating experience video

Case study: Meditating students at a middle school, California

army war veteran ptsd transendental meditation tm

Testimonial: Veteran of Iraq war comes to grips with PTSD

medical doctors meditation tm

Medical Doctors speak out for meditation benefits

maharishi yogi documentary full movie history channel

Historical footage: The life and teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

John-Hagelin-war terrorism tm meditation

Huffington Post Live video: Could TM conquer war and terrorism?

hugh-jackman tm meditation

Hugh Jackman talks about TM

gabby bernstein lesson course tm practice

Life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein on TM

ringo starr transcendental meditation_2

Ringo Starr on why he has been doing TM

hatoyama japan prime minister mum graduation speech video meditation

Former Prime Minister of Japan hails TM in his commencement address

meditation different types forms schools doctrines techniques

Video: What makes different meditation techniques different?

ray dali on benefits of meditation

Billionaire Ray Dalio explains the link between meditating and success in business

hacking consciousness tony nader stanford lesson lecture

Video lecture: Dr Tony Nader on hacking consciousness, Harvard University

jerry seinfeld on transcendental meditation being a phone charger

Jerry Seinfeld on why TM is like ‘a phone charger’

rick rubin on meditation

Legendary music producer Rick Rubin on the secrets of silence

famous meditators katy perry

Katy Perry on why she meditates every morning

African refugees PTSD

African refugees of war overcome stress and fear

total brain functioning video meditaiton experiment

Video of a live EEG experiment measuring brain waves of a meditator

maharishi institute south africa taddy blecher _

Students of Maharishi University in South Africa

inner peace in middle east

Inner peace in the Middle East

art meditation video testimonial

Meditating and creating art: A sculptor’s story

nature of life is happiness mum video lecture lesson

Video lesson: MUM professors talk on the nature of happiness

russell-brand_consciousness tm transendental meditation 03

Russell Brand on how meditating changes consciousness

larry king

Larry King interviews Dr Norman Rosenthal

religion meditation church video

Religion and meditating: Father Gabriel Mejia

quiet time in san fracisco

Quiet Time at a school in San Francisco

autism spectrum disorder and meditation - free webinar

Video seminar on autism spectrum disorders

ptsd iraq video meditation

Testimonial: An ex-soldier tells of his experience with Transcendental Meditation

miranda kerr yoga meditation lesson

Miranda Kerr on why she does yoga and meditates daily

dlf video reel 2015 2

The David Lynch Foundation video reel 2015

howard-stern tm

Howard Stern on meeting Maharishi and practicing TM

bob roth speaking at google zeitgeist 14_0

Video lecture: Bob Roth on Google Zeitgeist