Transcendental Meditation

VIDEO: Inner peace in the Middle East

Middle-East has become a region associated with tension, violence and conflict. Yet every peace starts with individuals on the ground. And as these university students practicing the Transcendental Meditation program testify — peace is possible, even in the midst of a Middle-Eastern turmoil!

Transcript of the video

Sahar Bassam, student in Business Administration

I feel really relaxed. I feel like I have more energy and my mind is so clear. I had some problems with my family, fighting with my sisters … and now I feel more peaceful.

Hadeel Qaoud, student in Information Systems

I feel less stress, this is the first thing I found. In my relationships, I have more confidence now. I can speak with people, I can… as you see me, I am so happy now and that affects people around me. And I solve my problems better now. TM has really had an effect on me.

Hijazi Isaili, student in English Literature

It has a positive effect on me – on my behavior, my health, my studies. I understand a lot better what the teachers are saying. Also in my home, when somebody does something to make me angry – I don’t get angry. I just take it easy and don’t mind what they are saying. Just taking it easy and solving the problem in the appropriate way.

This is the first thing I encounter in my life that makes me feel more comfortable, relaxed. I feel the purity of my mind, and after that I feel like flying in the sky. When I meditate, I feel like a skylark or something like that.

Some people say that it’s a wrong thing for all Muslims, that it’s not good for us. But after we experience it ourselves, we see the opposite of what we have heard from some people.  It is not against religion, no! It is progress and continuity in religion. It helps us go deep in our prayers, our religion, to understand our religion in a quiet way.

Hadeel Tahboub, student in Information Systems

I think Transcendental Meditation can unite all religions, every one of them – Muslims, Christians, any other believers can do Transcendental Meditation together. In this way, maybe, we can establish peace. TM is not a religious practice.

If you want to get better marks at school – come and practice it, and you will see. You will not lose anything, you’ll not loose time. Twice a day – and it’s nothing, it’s easy, it’s natural.

And big thanks to David Lynch Foundation for supporting this program and I hope they support other programs to make people more peaceful and more knowledgeable about Transcendental Meditation.

I also want to thank our teacher, our doctors who have come here to teach us. And to thank Maharishi for this technique. Thank you!