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MOVIE REVIEW: What the bleep do we know!?

Produced on low budget, What the bleep do we know!? quickly shot to unexpected fame and success.

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It won several awards from independent festivals. It collected about $16 million in worldwide revenues. And It has provoked comments from celebrities and scientific journals alike.

A captivating look into quantum reality

The story-line itself is quite simple.

A photographer, Amanda, is plunged into a spiritual crisis — and as the walls of normalcy break down, she discovers that nothing in the universe really is as it seems. The material world and the consciousness are one, merged into an underlying quantum field.

What is truly great about this movie, however, is the way it relays this message.

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THE UNIFIED FIELD: What can modern science say about the ideas put forward in What the Bleep Do We Know!? Read more

It could have been a dull, abstract session of philosophy. Instead, it comes across as a skilful blend of documentary, art movie and computer-animated graphics.

Amanda’s spiritual journey in What the bleep do we know!? is interlaced with striking visual sequences, and with scientific explanations from 14 different wisemen (physicians, neurologists, physicists, biologists, mystics). Although differing in metaphors and diverse in their perspectives, the wisemen all contribute to one single truth: everything is interconnected.

Nothing, of course, can replace personal spiritual training. Yet some pieces of art can at least stir our motivation: What, all said and done, do we know about this human life!?

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