Transcendental Meditation

A life through objects: Andy Kaufman

From January 12, the Maccarone gallery in New York features a new exhibition titled “On creating reality by Andy Kaufman”.

andy kaufman transcendental meditation

On creating reality. Photo: MoPA

True to the quirky creative genius of Kaufman, the show consists of white table showcases of mixed biographical memorabilia.

Andy Kaufman (1949-1984) was an American entertainer and performance artist who managed, despite his short life, to develop a unique and influential style. Since age 20, Kaufman was also an ardent meditator. He became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1971, and for the rest of his life practiced Transcendental Meditation and yoga for 3 hours a day.

An excerpt from the exhibition’s press release:

The show presents an extensive collection of ephemera and artefacts from Andy Kaufman’s personal and professional life: photographs, correspondence, performance notation, scripts, props and costumes including the original Tony Clifton jacket, record collections, Transcendental Meditation materials, hand written drafts of his novel “The Huey Williams Story,” in addition to numerous personal effects. The exhibition will act as a portrait of an unclassifiable figure in American cultural history whose work has been seminal in the evolution of performance art, new media and relational aesthetics.

On Creating Reality by Andy Kaufman. Maccarone art gallery, 630 Greenwich Street, New York.