Transcendental Meditation

Amy Schumer: “Transcendental Meditation, it’s so easy. It’s like the laziest. It helps!”

What makes millions of people fall in love with Amy Schumer is her honesty which not only entertains but also educates.

amy schumer tm meditationAs the presidential nominee Hillary Clinton neatly summed it up in a voicemail message to the famous comedian: “You make me laugh and you make me think.”

Schumer is never just insanely funny. Her humor also serves the purpose of dragging into spotlight pressing issues such as U.S. soldiers struggling with PTSD, campus rape, gun safety and gender inequality.

“I have this innate need to say things that I think are important for people to hear,” Schumer said in a recent cover story for Vogue. “And I can’t stand injustice, so even if it makes people uncomfortable. I’m not afraid enough of conflict to keep my mouth shut.”

A beloved role-model of female empowerment, Schumer also sets a perfect example of how to preserve mental and physical health despite her overwhelming schedule of TV shows, movies and comedy tours (not to mention a recently published autobiography).

So here’s how Schumer keeps her wits sharp at all times: she shuns caffeine in all forms, juices every morning, gets weekly acupuncture sessions, has a prayer circle with her family and crew before each show, is into yoga and boxing and last but not least, she is an avid practitioner of Transcendental Meditation.

On a Michael Ian Black podcast show How To Be Amazing Schumer was asked if there was anything she would want to recommend to the listeners, something she was loving and finding amazing.

Her immediate response was: “I’m going to recommend Transcendental Meditation!”

Schumer recalled that while living in Los Angeles and writing the movie Trainwreck, enough people brought the topic up, referring to practitioners of TM whose work she admired, like Howard Stern.

“I had been so busy and every moment there were all these increments of things I had to do, and I had no energy. This just totally changed the game for me.”

“Energy, focus, general bettering of life and feeling just physically and mentally better,” Schumer listed the reasons that have since then kept her hooked.

To listeners who might be skeptic of how hard it might be to do something as transformative, she added: “It’s so easy. It’s like the laziest. It helps!”