Transcendental Meditation

Bruno Grollo, construction magnate

bruno grollo on transcendental meditation tmBruno Grollo is one of the wealthiest men in Australia. His construction company, run today by his sons, is credited with much of Melbourne’s high-rise skyline – including its two tallest buildings, Rialto Towers and Eureka Tower.

A man famed for looking after his workers, Bruno Grollo (73) is now looking after himself. Here’s his video interview with Ruth Ostrow, in the series Total Success filmed for The Australian.

bruno grollo rialto towers

The Rialto Towers is a skyscraper built by Grollo’s company in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. With its height of 251 metres, it is still the second-tallest reinforced concrete building and the tallest office building in the Southern Hemisphere, when measured to its roof.

It’s not about money it’s about happiness

RUTH OSTROW: You helped to open a Transcendental Meditation center, brought TM to builders and workers and people of Australia. Is there a contradiction with that degree of spirituality and calmness, and wanting to build the highest building in Australia if not in the world?

BRUNO GROLLO: You know, my parents emigrated from Italy in 1927 and I was pretty poor when I was young. And I was, for some reason, desperado for money – that’s why I did all these things. I needed some dollars!

RUTH OSTROW: You said to me in 2008: “You work so that you can get security and wealth. But money never made me happy. I realized money didn’t matter. Transcendental Meditation was the closest thing to euphoria and youth I’ve ever discovered.”

BRUNO GROLLO: Maharishi used to talk about consciousness as what God is. Your consciousness, my consciousness, the dog, the cat… the flowers, the trees… I think it’s pretty true.

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