Transcendental Meditation

Andreas Reinier, dancing through life with the help of meditation

Here’s what the member of the Czech National Theater Ballet company Andreas Reinier says about Transcendental Meditation.

andreas-reinier ballet dance meditation

“I think that Transcendental Meditation is the most revitalizing technique from which a dancer could benefit. It allows him to bring out his most authentic personality, which in turn enables him to let go of everything obstructing his artistic fulfillment,” Andreas Reinier says.

“I have been meditating for quite some time, and as I’ve progressed in my ballet career I’ve noticed how TM directly supports the world of dance.

“When the artist can dive deep within himself, he discovers more and more of his personality and can therefore share his purest self with his audience.  This process, which TM facilitates, improves confidence dramatically.

Andreas Reinier. Photo source: The National Theater of Czech Republic

“In classical ballet, dancers need to be strong, open, and proud of themselves and of their neighbours. Weak dancers always end up with complaints and injuries, concluding that the ballet world is a hard world.

“By experiencing the glory of oneself, through TM or by living in accord with one’s purpose in life, the artist is on the path of evolution and true happiness follows. It is this fulfillment that the spectator wants to see.

“Moreover, Transcendental Meditation provides rest, improves health, removes stress, increases brain coherence and consequently harmony with his environment, and enhances creativity in a very short time. These factors are directly related to the performance of a dancer, and he would notice these benefits immediately.

“Therefore, I recommend TM to all dancers and artists, especially to those who want to live out their passion in a fuller way!” Reinier says.


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