Transcendental Meditation

Famous people who meditate, from A to Z

Here’s a list of celebrities and famous people who meditate regularly, once or twice a day.

We’re keeping this list constantly updated, adding actors, successful businessmen, models, musicians and other well-known people who have picked up the habit of Transcendental Meditation.

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abasi guitarist trancendental
Tosin Abasi,

Adelman_lighting designer_tm
Lindsey Adelman, lighting artist

sam allardyce football(1)
Sam Allardyce, football manager

jennifer aniston beautiful actress
Jennifer Aniston,

ramani_ayer insurance millionaire
Ramani Ayer,
insurance business

yeojin bae fashion designer meditation
Yeojin Bae, fashion designer

David Banner,

Nigel Barlow PUblic speaking coach
Nigel Barlow, business coach

Kristen Bell
, actress

bernstein-gabriell CELEBRITY famous people meditating
Gabrielle Bernstein,
self-help coach

matt bomer meditation_sms
Matt Bomer, actor

lo bosworth tv star
Lo Bosworth, reality TV star

brand_russell actor stand up comedian
Russell Brand,
stand-up comedian

Bridges hollywood famous star _
Jeff Bridges, actor & musician

Bundchen brazilian beautiful people model
Gisele Bündchen,
fashion model & producer

Tim Burgess,
singer, The Charlatans

flavio canto judo rio brazil sports 2
Flávio Canto
Olympic medal winner in judo

carr wes australia TM
Wes Carr,
singer-songwriter, Australian Idol winner

chissano president politician meditate
Joachim Chissano,
former president of Mozambique

thomas cohen geldof
Thomas Cohen, musician

crow_sheryl on meditation_2_cr
Sheryl Crow,
singer & songwriter

crowley candy journalist cnn presenter transcendental meditation
Candy Crowley,
broadcast journalist

da-costa-rebecca beautiful meditate
Rebecca da Costa,
model and actress

paul dalio
Paul Dalio, film maker

Dalio-rich billionaire investment banker meditation
Ray Dalio,
investment banker

degeneres talk show host meditates
Ellen DeGeneres,
talk-show host

delettrez meditating jewellery design artist
Delfina Delettrez,
jewellery designer

dern laura tm meditation practice_01
Laura Dern,
actress & film producer

diaz cameron actress hollywood beautiful meditating
ameron Diaz, actress and model

dohan_israel people meditating
Meital Dohan,
singer & actress from Israel

donovan leitch on his meditation and songs
singer & songwriter

Dunham lena girls writer
Lena Dunham,
writer & actress

fairchild ballet dancer
Megan Fairchild,
ballet dancer

farrow bruns prudence meditation teacher
Prudence Farrow
TM teacher

ferreira sky transcendental meditation
Sky Ferreira,

tim-ferriss_self help books
Tim Ferriss, author

foster ben actor meditating
Ben Foster,

frost designer actress_
Sadie Frost,
actress & designer

Rick Goings,
CEO of Tupperware

graham heather hollywood celebrity tm
Heather Graham,

greer judie actress hollywood meditating
Judie Greer,

grollo bruno australia ceo construction people meditating
Bruno Grollo,

guest actress and tm teacher
Lucie Guest,

tom hanks
Tom Hanks,

harrison public broadcasting
Patricia Harrison, CEO, Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Hatoyama-japan prime minister
Yukio Hatoyama,
former prime minister of Japan

hearn celebrity meditation practice 01
Kevin Hearn,
keyboard player, Barenaked Ladies

Hemingway author actress meditation yoga
Mariel Hemingway,
writer & actress

homme josh guitarist singer tm
Josh Homme,
singer, Queens of the Stone Age

hopkins tm transcendental meditation_cr
Jon Hopkins,
composer & DJ

Isbin-guitarist meditation
Sharon Isbin,
classical guitarist

jackman hugh actor a-lister meditation
Hugh Jackman,

james jim singer meditation
Jim James,
singer & guitarist, My Morning Jacket

jardine_beach boys tm meditating
Al Jardine,
singer & guitarist, The Beach Boys

Kerr miranda_supermodel australia
Miranda Kerr,
fashion model

Larsen ce meditation
Megan Larsen,
beauty products

lennon sean transcendental meditation
Sean Lennon,
singer & multi-instrumentalist

Li lykke tm singer
Lykke Li,
singer-songwriter from Sweden

lieb eli singer tm
Eli Lieb,

Olivia Locher,

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan, actress

jennifer lopez j lo ft
Jennifer Lopez, actress & singer

love mike transcendental beach boys
Mike Love,
singer, The Beach Boys

lowe daisy fashion model meditating
Daisy Lowe,
fashion model

Lukather steve toto meditating
Steve Lukather,
guitarist, Toto

lynch david director transcendental meditation tm
David Lynch,
movie director and artist

maize famous hip-hop
Kellee Maize,

mason claudia model tm practice
Claudia Mason,
fashion model

mbiango painter artist
Kito Mbiango,

McCartney-practice meditation
James McCartney,
singer & songwriter

McCartney-paul meditating beatles
Paul McCartney,
singer & songwriter

mcfadden_abc nightline journalist
Cynthia McFadden,
broadcast journalist

mendes eva actress model practicing
Eva Mendes,
model and actress


Alyssa Miller,
model and designer


Moxie singer songwriter on meditation
Kid Moxie,
singer & actress

Murdoch- businesspeople media
Rupert Murdoch,

obrien soledad tv journalist presenter
Soledad O’Brien,
broadcast journalist

oldfield meditate composer tm
Mike Oldfield,
composer & multi-instrumentalist

Pascale-cook book writer
Lorraine Pascale,
TV cook & author

perry katy on meditation
Katy Perry,

roberts abc media good morning america
Robin Roberts,
broadcast journalist

roubini nouriel economist meditation professor academic
Nouriel Roubini,
consultant and academic

rubin rick meditating music producer
Rick Rubin,
music producer

saatchi edward ceo facebook businessman
Edward Saatchi,
IT solutions

santigold singer songwriter meditate
singer and producer

amy schumer tm
Amy Schumer, stand-up comedian

scorsese martin movie director
Martin Scorsese,
director, screenwriter and producer

seinfeld jerry meditating stand up comedy
Jerry Seinfeld,
stand-up comedian

Seymour more magazine editor
Lesley Jane Seymour,
editor in chief, More Magazine

sharma-movie star bollywood meditates
Anushka Sharma,
ndian actress

john-stamos-full house
John Stamos
, actor & musician

starr ringo beatles drummer
Ringo Starr,

steinbaum suzanne doctor meditation tm practice
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum,

stephanopopoulus george famous people who meditate
George Stephanopoulus,
broadcast journalist

stern howard radio dj tm
Howard Stern,
DJ and talk show host

tyler liv famous actors actresses
Liv Tyler,
actress and singer

vai steve guitarist transcendental meditation
Steve Vai,
guitarist and composer

waters crystal music singer tm
Crystal Waters,
singer & songwriter

Watts-hollywood actress
Naomi Watts,

weisel artist tm
Mindy Weisel,
visual artist

Weiss sportsman runner marathon
Julie Weiss,
marathon runner

Winfrey_oprah talk show meditates
Oprah Winfrey,
talk show host & producer

zimmermann raquel brazil model
Raquel Zimmermann,
fashion model

zito barry baseball meditation sportsman
Barry Zito,
baseball player

Zucchelli transcendental meditation fashion designer
Italo Zucchelli,
fashion designer

Some intriguing quotes from meditating celebrities …………….

russell-brand_tm transendental meditation 03

“It’s really good if you’ve had addiction issues. Meditation is highly psychological, and very beautiful, and overwhelming, and real, and trippy!”Russell Brand

crow_sheryl on meditation_2

“One of the things – and this comes from someone who was highly self-critical and a type-A personality – that has changed my life is meditating.”Sheryl Crow

Paul McCartney on meditation practice_3

“In moments of madness, meditation has helped me find moments of serenity.”Sir Paul McCartney

katy perry on meditation interview

“I start the day with Transcendental Meditation. It puts me in the best mood!”Katy Perry

hugh jackman on meditation_2

“In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it. Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life!”Hugh Jackman

Cameron-Diaz tm trancendental meditation practices

“Meditation is helping you to tap into something that’s already inside of you… that’s you, in essence. That’s something that was super-empowering for me once I grasped that.”Cameron Diaz

… why do they meditate?

Just consider—these are all people who have every cause to be happy about their lives just the way they are. They are either rich, beautiful, or successful—or all of that. They are adored by fans and friends and followers. So it all begs the question… might there be something in life which is more basic, more fundamentally important, than external success, something that even enormously successful people still want? Meditation is a gateway to one’s inner stability and true peace, love and happiness. Celebrity or not, who wouldn’t want to be at peace with the world, and with oneself?

On the other hand, maybe their meditation practice is the cause of some of their success.

Would David Lynch be the director he is without 40 years of Transcendental Meditation training? Would Ramani Ayer or Ray Dalio have earned all their millions without it?

How could Joaquim Chissano have so dramatically improved the state of his country without learning mediation, and offering it subsequently to his whole administration?

By practicing meditation and just trusting in your natural wisdom, depth and integrity, you can certainly become not only happy and harmonious, but perhaps also… one of the famous people who meditate! 🙂