Transcendental Meditation

When the going gets tough, J.Lo gets meditating!

Jennifer Lopez (47) is no stranger to big-time multitasking. After all, the American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer was the first woman ever to have both a number one album (J.Lo) and a film (The Wedding Planner) out in the same week in 2001.

jennifer lopez j lo meditation

J Lo at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

On top of singing/dancing/acting/producing and doing business, Lopez also runs a charitable foundation which works to increase the availability of health care and health education to the less fortunate.

But sometimes, even for J.Lo doing too many things at once seems a tad overwhelming.

So last year, when the ever-glamourous mother of twins Max and Emme was juggling between producing and acting in the TV show Shades of Blue, judging on American Idol and preparing for her Vegas show All I Have she felt the need for something to keep her grounded.

“I learned Transcendental Meditation this year because it’s overwhelming sometimes, doing all of the things I do at once,” Lopez told Us Weekly.

“20 minutes a day in the morning and at night. It was necessary. It was almost like my brain, for the first time in my life, felt like ‘Okay, you bit off more than you can chew,” she elaborated in an interview with the People Magazine.

“It’s a whole rounded regimen that deals with your mind, your soul, your spirit and your body. It’s working out, it’s dancing, it’s meditating. And then, at the end of the day, just being happy, being with my kids and feeling the love and the joy that they give me. All of that helps balance it out, so work doesn’t feel so crazy,” J.Lo shared her secret of keeping sane despite her intimidating schedule.

And indeed, the Jenny-from-the-block has since continued to release top hits and work on her first-ever Spanish album, produced another TV show World of Dance. More dates have also been added to her All I have show in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas as ticket sales have reached a record high and the audience still demands to see more of Jen’s incredible talent and energy.

“I’ve always been a hard worker. To be at a point in my career where I’ve been in it for 20-something years and be getting the opportunities and me having a moment … where I get to, as an artist, do all the things that I love to do still and on the level that I’m doing them, all of it feels like such a blessing,” Jennifer Lopez says.

With her Transcendental Meditation practice powering her up, she will surely keep it going still for decades to come.

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