Transcendental Meditation

Kellee Maize in co-operation with TM movement

Kellee Maize, American singer, song-writer and entrepreneur. Photo: Laura Petrilla,

The rising star of the new generation of American female rappers, Kellee Maize, is launching a cross country tour in co-operation with Transcendental Meditation for Women. Maize’s website describes the tour as “a fusion between the Occupy Movement, a Spiritual Pilgrimage and a Burning Man traveling circus”.

In a video released for the beginning of the tour, the rapper explains that she has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for seven years and would now like to share this experience with her fans and audience.

She explains that Transcendental Meditation has had “a huge impact on my life: I’ve had an immediate decrease on the level of anxiety, my stress levels… I notice, mostly when I don’t actually do TM, that I actually see a rise in these things. That I feel less creative. When I meditate, I feel on focus.”