Transcendental Meditation

Kito Mbiango, an artist who goes beyond the ordinary

“My art strives to take viewers on a journey that transcends place and time, illustrating our connectedness,“ says the New York based artist Kito Mbiango. “We are like the ocean that is made up by droplets of water coming together. The ultimate message of my art is that we are one.”

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FAMILY HISTORY: Kito Mbiango’s Congolese father inspired him with an appreciation of his African heritage while his Belgian mother’s family provided a constant exposure to the arts

Explosions of light and color to defeat inequality

Kito Mbiango has been creating since he was a child. Born of a Belgian mother and a Congolese father, he creates of visual tapestries that seek to unlock the memories that remind us of the underlying connection within ourselves and with nature.

“Art is a reflection of our collective consciousness. To me, the role of the artist is to eclipse the ordinary, to provide glimpses into a heightened nature of life, which are like slivers of light consumed by the senses,“ he says.

Weaving vintage photos, scientific and cartographic illustrations and literature onto fabric, canvas, or wood, Mbiango hopes to transport viewers to a different époque and spiritual state.

“I choose to create because it’s the purest means for me to relate to the world,“ he explains.

Healing the healers

“I hope my work allows people to see life in a new way by beginning a conversation about poverty — ending inequality, empathizing with the environment, and being inspired for action,“ Mbiango says.

UNICEF, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, FOTORELIEF and Heal Africa are among the charitable organizations, which have featured his work — and Kito Mbiango has donated pieces to aid their missions.

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“If light is in your heart you will find your way home” by Kito Mbiango. Digital print on enhanced velvet paper, 2014.

Two years ago, Kito Mbiango learned the Transcendental Meditation technique through the David Lynch Foundation. His decision came after months of watching his partner Jill Van den Brule meditate silently each morning.

“I was introduced to Transcendental Meditation by Jill,“ Mbiango says. “She told me how important TM was to her, especially for handling the stress and trauma she experienced firsthand while working for the United Nations in post-earthquake Haiti in 2010.“

“In my mind, TM is a way of healing the healers,” Mbiango believes.

Benefits of meditation practice

Meditating twice a day, Mbiango now clearly sees the benefits in his own life.

“My practice of TM has taught me that we are all artists of our own lives. It has reinforced my understanding that the mind needs to rest in order to focus and fulfil its maximum potential,” he says.

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“Shut your eyes so you heart may become your eye” by Kito Mbiango. Digital print on enhanced velvet paper, 2014.

“My wife Jill and I are extremely sensitive people and TM has allowed us to manage our emotions so they flow through us in a very healthy way. Because I meditate I’m able to manage my stress levels and focus on the important things, including my beloved children.”

The positive impact of diving within is also visible in his work, Mbiango admits.

“TM gives me the freedom and courage to expand my artistic philosophy and explore my creative processes,” he says.

Exploring the link between dreams and reality

“As an artist, I can now see more clearly the symbiosis between man and nature—a connection which I felt was reflected in my work, but never fully understood until I started meditating. Meditation has enabled me to be more grounded, to have perspective and be patient about my artistic process,” Mbiango says.

“I’ve begun to understand that art, like life, needs time to be conceived, to grow, multiply and unfold, like a delicate flower which cannot be forced to bud and burst before its time.

“I’m exploring new mediums in an attempt to show depth and layers in new ways. I am experimenting with colors and textures to portray the inextricable connection between dreams and reality. Meditating has enabled me to enter my flow state more freely – a place that all artists strive for when they feel ready to effortlessly channel divine creative energy,” the artist reveals.

“I would recommend Transcendental Meditation to all creatives. It’s an essential tool for their trade. TM is as important to me as my brushes and canvases are for my art because it facilitates a deeper connection to the self. At the same time, it reminds me that each and everyone of us are creators in a cosmic dance.”

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“Sunset Dive” by Kito Mbiango. Digital print on enhanced velvet paper, 2014.

kito mbiango The-truth-is-within-you 2

“The truth is within you” by Kito Mbiango. Digital print on enhanced velvet paper, 2014.

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Source: Expanding Imagination and Deepening Connections through Transcendental Meditation” by Bibi Tran, The David Lynch Foundation