Transcendental Meditation

Lena Dunham’s fight with obsessive-compulsive disorder

Lena Dunham has been turning to the practice of Transcendental Meditation as a way to find calm in the chaos since she was in elementary school.

Lena_Dunham_on meditation and compulsive obsessive disorder

Lena Dunham (b. 1986) is an American filmmaker and actress known for creating and starring in the HBO series Girls. As of 2013, she has received eight nominations for Emmy Awards and won two Golden Globe Awards for the series. Photo: Wikimedia

The practice of Transcendental Meditation had been passed down for several generations among the women in her family. When Lena Dunham was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder at the age of nine, her mother – who had been meditating for more than two decades – brought home a meditation teacher instead of a bagful of medications.

Lena Dunham on Transcendental Meditation:

“I come from a line of neurotic Jewish women who need Transcendental Meditation more than anyone. I have to tell you, it’s pretty charming to see a very well-dressed, anxious Jewish woman take a moment at her country club to say she needs to meditate.

[Meditation] has made it possible for me to weather certain challenges and storms and public moments that I didn’t ever imagine would be in my life.

It gathers me up for the day and makes me feel organized and happy and capable of facing the world, both internal and external.”

Listen to Lena Dunham’s interview with Bob Roth from the David Lynch Foundation:

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