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Lykke Li: “I’m deeply in tune with my heart”

Lykke Li is a young Swedish singer-songwriter. With her two first solo albums, she showed true potential for pop stardom; with her third, she has forsaken fame and glory for authenticity and spiritual maturation.

Lykke Li during a concert in the US, 2014. Photo: Wikimedia.

Lykke Li during a concert in the US, 2014. Photo: Wikimedia.

Here’s how she sums up her path towards finding herself.

Lykke Li on the impact of meditation practice

“I’ve tried a million ways to escape and expand, from psychedelics to psychics, yoga to benders, shamans, healers, therapists, lovers, you name it. When I met David [Lynch] the first time, I told him all my problems, and he then introduced me to Transcendental Meditation.

“TM has changed my life in so many ways. I am deeply in tune with my heart and core, and it’s made me a better writer, artist, and most of all woman. It has put me in touch with my deepest feelings and out of it a crystal clear vision has arrived. It’s made me more myself.

“I feel so blessed and happy to be alive. I’m on clouds.“

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Music which touches your soul

In 2013, Lykke Li was featured as a guest musician on David Lynch’s second studio album The Big Dream, performing vocals on the lead single “I’m Waiting Here” —

Lykke’s latest solo album, I Never Learn (2014), cuts very close to her musical roots. Gone are the complex electronic samples and broken rhythms. The tracks have sprung from the ashes of Lykke Li’s favourite singer-songwriters (Harry Nilsson, Graham Nash, etc). “It takes some refinement before you can make something simple,” explains Li. Here’s a single from the album, titled “No Rest for the Wicked” —

Lykke Li interview with Carrie Battan,