Transcendental Meditation

Mama Kin releases her second album

Mama-Kin-on-transcendental-meditation-practiceCritically acclaimed for her debut Beat and Holler, the singer and song writer Mama Kin from Australia is releasing her second album today, February 22.

Her album is called The Magician’s Daughter, a reference to Mama Kin’s family history – her mother worked as an assistant for her grandfather, a professional magician, during the World War II.

Mama Kin on meditation and creativity

Commenting on the balance of light and darkness in her music, Mama Kin told

“I still have periods where I feel that familiar grip in my chest, or a sense that I am scrambling from the edge of a dark ravine, but I have strategies in my life to deal with that now. One of my biggest discoveries has been Transcendental Meditation. When I first started this practise I remember thinking ‘Oh… this is what sanity must feel like.’ I keep up a regime of meditation and exercise, eating well, and being as conscious as possible in my choices. Certain situations still push my buttons, and I still feel terribly awkward and uncomfortable at times, but I am learning to lean into those places as a source of potential breakthroughs. Today I feel really good.”

Listen to samples from the new album