Transcendental Meditation

Megan Larsen, founder of Sodashi skincare

Megan Larsen on benefits of Transcendental Meditation:

megan larsen on transcendental meditation

Mind, Body, Soul, Inner, Outer my meditation helps me for all of those!  I practice Transcendental Meditation twice a day, every day. It gives me such mental clarity and it is a wonderful tool for managing stressful situations, assists with my health and well-being and mostly it makes me feel good and keeps me grounded and happy.“

megan larsen on meditation_sodahi collectionMegan Larsen studied beauty therapy in Sydney, Australia and aromatherapy in Provence, France. 10 years ago, she founded the natural skincare brand Sodashi – the Sanskrit term for purity, radiance and wholeness. The company now generates $30 million in annual revenue and supplies exclusive spas in more than 20 countries.

The concept of Sodashi is based on aromatherapy, biochemistry, Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation. All the products are 100% chemical free – even the Sodashi factory is cleaned without recourse to chemicals! Moreover, Megan Larsen believes that purity, beauty and radiance cannot be attained via products alone, but requires a genuine balance between mind, body and spirit. She has therefore offered all the staff working for Sodashi the opportunity to meditate every day.

Source of quote: Hippie Luxe
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