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Meital Dohan bringing TM to Israeli soldiers

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Meital Dohan, actress and singer.

Meital Dohan is one of entertainment’s biggest stars in her native Israel. The talented actress, writer, and singer is also a philantropist keen on sharing her success and inner happiness with other people.

Here’s what Meital told in an interview to last week:

CB: I’ve read that you practice Transcendental Meditation, is that true?
Yes, and I am also working with the very generous David Lynch Foundation, and hopefully we’ll get a green light soon, to provide free TM instruction to soldiers at the Sheba Hospital.

CB: That’s awesome! How were you exposed to TM?
I was at a charity event in New York in 2009, and I was sitting at the same table as Bob Roth. He is the director of the David Lynch Foundation, and we just clicked. Bob was very generous, and saw something special in me. He taught me the Transcendental Meditation technique and I have been meditating every day since, and now I’m spreading the word!

meital dohan interview on meditationCB: You have done so much more than we’ve touched on such as writing, directing, and producing plays and movies. You are the author of the book Love and Other Bad Habits. Is there anything you can’t do? Really, how do you find the time?
MEITAL DOHAN: Ha! Well, I’m technically challenged and I’m not the best driver, but no one is perfect. Sometimes I feel that life is like play dough. When you push it from one end is has to come from the other end. Life is not a perfect circle. I don’t believe in the time concept. When someone says that they don’t have time, I feel that it’s not that they don’t have time. It’s that they are putting their time in different priorities. I never think that I have to make time for things. I always find time to do things that I want. I don’t believe in the physical world. I believe in the metaphysical world.

Meital Dohan (b. 1979) is an Israeli award-winning actress in theater, film, and television; including two Israeli Oscar nominations and an Israeli Tony Award. More recently, Dohan has also captured global audiences with an array of dazzling performances. She is playing in comedies (Woke Up Dead) as well as in thrillers (Monogamy), and her debut album of electronic dance music (I’m In Hate With Love) includes several Top 10 singles. Her success prompted MTV’s blog Buzzworthy to note, “She’s a comedian and a singer. And she’s pretty. Why do some people get all the gifts?”

Here’s one of Meital’s chart-topping music videos, “On Ya ft. Sean Kingston”:

Read Meital Dohan’s interview with Bob Roth (2011), transcript provided by Ken Chawkin.