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Model Miranda Kerr: “Being happy is a conscious choice!”

Miranda Kerr, the gorgeous Australian model is a global face for Victoria’s Secret and a regular on covers of glossy fashion magazines. Yet it’s Miranda’s upbeat nature and close relationship with her 4-year old son which perhaps best define her as a person.

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SUCCESFUL CAREER: Forbes ranks Miranda Kerr second on its list of highest-paid models, right behind Gisele Bündchen.

A smiling beauty who always sees the best in things

In an interview to Lucky magazine, Miranda talked about her special skill for staying happy.

“Life can get so busy for everyone, regardless of what your profession is but it’s taking the time to have moments of gratitude that makes it meaningful,” Miranda Kerr said.

“And it does take discipline, a consciousness to do that. Being grateful and happy is a choice, I think.”

As one of the world’s most sought-after models, Miranda certainly knows a thing or two about the trappings of success – the stress of long working days, endless hours spent at airports, almost complete lack of anonymity.

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AN INTRIGUING FACT: In the 17 years that Miranda Kerr has been a professional model, she has never once taken a sick day! Photo:

To help her stay grounded amidst all this, the 31-year-old model likes to practise the Transcendental Meditation technique.

The two daily sessions of 20 minutes are brilliant building blocks for a life of wise choices and healthy priorities.

“I like to start my meditation off with remembering everything I’m grateful for,” Kerr revealed during her recent session with Celebuzz!. “I then sit and say my mantra inwardly for 20 minutes.”

A proud single mom

One of the things which Miranda cherishes the most in her life is being the mom to three-year-old Flynn, her son with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

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SLOWING THE LIFE DOWN: Miranda with her son, Flynn. Photo from Kerr’s Instagram account.

“Flynn is such a beautiful, happy soul. I am a very proud mother,” she exclaims.

Before Flynn was born, Miranda used to work six days in a row and really enjoy it. She now does shorter stints, and if it’s a longer project then Flynn will tag along.

“Motherhood is the best,” Kerr explains.

“It’s rewarding to see a little being develop and to grow into an individual.

“Flynn makes me laugh so much. We have the same sense of humor, which no one else understands. I’ll look at something and laugh, and then he’ll laugh, and it’s so contagious!”

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