Transcendental Meditation

Model Daisy Lowe lists five fabulous benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Star-studded childhood, stunning looks and a successful modeling career. What more could be added to Daisy Lowe’s amazing life?

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Daisy Lowe is the daughter of Pearl Lowe, the singer-songwriter turned textile and fashion designer, and musician Gavin Rossdale.

Two years ago Lowe started practicing Transcendental Meditation. The result in her words: “It changed my life.”

So what exactly have been the benefits of Daisy Lowe’s dedicated, twice-a-day Transcendental Meditation practice? Here’s the list!

1. Inner peace

“I got into meditation through my godmother. When I went to visit her she had this new visible inner peace and I decided I would give it a go.

I would really recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a way to make their life just a little bit easier or brighter. It’s actually made quite a massive change to mine: I don’t hold on to things anymore and I’m attracted to much more positive things.”

2. Courage to defend herself and her loved-ones

In the age of social media, being in the spotlight is tougher than ever. In an interview with, Daisy Lowe credits mediation for helping her deal with hateful comments and rumors.

“Manners are really important to me and I can’t tolerate rudeness. I started meditating a year and a half ago and have stuck up for myself a lot more than I did in the past.”

3. Less anxiety, better sleep!

Lowe used to be wide-awake-at- 3am type of worrier.

“I used to panic about everything – family, friends… I’d think, ‘Is that person okay? Can I fix this?’For the past year and a half it’s [Transcendental Meditation] really chilled me out, which is why I’m so strict with myself. If I miss one session, I don’t sleep nearly as well,” she says.

After a long day of modeling, she can sense getting antsy if she’s yet to have her evening meditation session. Sharing her experience after the London Fashion week the year she learned to meditate, Lowe said the otherwise hectic time was much more fun and much less stressful.

“I wasn’t taking it all on so much.”

daisy lowe model transcendental meditation practice4. Telling friends apart from “frenemies”

Here’s another unexpected benefit of Transcendental Meditation for Daisy Lowe:

“It helped me get rid of eight of the closest people around me, that didn’t deserve to be in my life anymore.

“I pride myself on being a good friend and it was really unbalanced and as soon as they got out of my life, I realized all the people left are so brilliant and bright and absolute radiators of life and love and laughter.”

5. Freedom from depression

One of the things that Daisy Lowe appreciates about Transcendental Meditation is how it keeps her away from the blues.

“It settles me, gives my brain a bit of space from itself. I have definitely suffered from depression – it comes in waves – and I think it’s incredible if you don’t.”

Fitting the 2×20 minutes into her busy schedule

Lowe has modeled for Burberry, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, DKNY and so forth. Her face has appeared on covers of fashion bibles such as Harper’s Bazaar. Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle to name a few. Besides her successful modeling career, Daisy Lowe has in recent years been taking up different roles in films and TV shows.

So, how does she fit the practice of Transcendental Meditation twice a day for 20 minutes into her hectic schedule? The answer is simple – there’s no place unsuitable for this easy-to-learn and practice technique.

“I do Transcendental Meditation morning and evening, for 20 minutes, wherever I am. On the bed or the sofa; in the garden with my little maltese, Monty; in cars, on trains or planes; and once in my friend Joseph Reuben’s dressing room,” Lowe says.

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