Transcendental Meditation

Naomi Watts: benefits of meditation

Naomi watts on transcendental meditation benefits

Naomi Watts in Los Angeles, 2013.

With her new movie “Sunlight Jr.” set to premiere next month, actress Naomi Watts covered the April 2013 issue of the Good Health magazine.

Naomi Watts on meditation ‘keeping her steady’

Among other things, Watts told the magazine about the routines which help her ground a busy life of a celebrity:

“Meditating and being with nature in the countryside. I love being outside with trees and water. I love the ocean air and sleeping. I do Transcendental Meditation, which keeps me calm and steady.”

Naomi Watts is a British-Australian actress. After years of struggling to launch a career, she gained critical acclaim for her work in David Lynch‘s thriller Mulholland Drive (2001). Since then, she has received several nominations for her acting. Watts has also worked as a goodwill ambassador for the UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, which helps to raise awareness of AIDS-related issues.