Transcendental Meditation

Nicole Kidman relies on her ‘meditation app’

In an interview for InStyle magazine, actress Nicole Kidman talks about her favourite method of chilling out – doing Transcendental Meditation. Moreover, Kidman admits to blending the wisdom of the ages with the most cutting-edge technology!

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HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE: Kidman credits family life away from Hollywood in Nashville, Tennessee with husband Keith Urban and their two young children as the source of her lightness of being. “When you relinquish the desire to control your future, you can have more happiness,” says the actress.

“I like to meditate, Transcendental Meditation usually,” Kidman says. “I took it up in my early 20s and I learned the benefits.”

“I try to do it every day. A typical session is 20 to 30 minutes.

I even use a meditation app on my phone that has a timer and also shows you on a map all the people that have logged in that are meditating at that very moment.”

Successful, and compassionate

During her successful career in Hollywood, Nicole Kidman has won several awards – including an Academy Award for Best Actress – and topped the list of the highest-paid actresses in the movie industry.

Yet Kidman herself sees this as an obligation and a duty, more than anything:

“I find trying to solve problems and save lives is far more important than my film career,” she says.

“I’ve been put in a position where I’ve been given a lot. I think it’s my duty to give something back.”

True to her words, Kidman is active in promoting various good causes around the world.

She has supported over 20 non-profits and charities, including the Red Cross, Kids Wish Network, Cinema for Peace, etc. For 10 years running, Nicole Kidman has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, the United Nations’ organization for culture and education.

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Nicole Kidman (b. 1967) is an Australian-American actress, singer and film producer.