Transcendental Meditation

Questions answered by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

In this session below, the founder of TM, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has answered the following three questions.

How does TM work?

“It works in the same way for the mind as the slope of a mountain for a stream of water. You can put a bucketful of water in the slope and it just trickles down by its own gravity, by its own nature.

The mind always flows to a field of greater happiness. The transcendental experience is bliss and this bliss naturally makes the mind trickle down to find its beautiful experiences.”

Maharishi further explains how “Transcendental Meditation creeps into the field of boundaries” to affect our daily lives through regular practice.

“From waves of exposure to tiny waves of joy, one gets to the ocean of happiness which is called bliss. Nature is the only answer.” 

How can a student sit with their eyes closed for 10-15 minutes and receive so many benefits?

Maharishi first justifies the question by stating, “It must be too good to be true because in the world of chaos, in the world of destruction, it’s the talk of saving life, the talk of light in the utter darkness.”

Regular practice is the most important part.

“The darkness will never satisfy anyone, experience alone will do it. Not much education is needed, only experience is necessary. Without experience, the whole thing is a gossip. Without experience, life will remain distorted. In this abstraction, man will do all the wrong that he can do.”

Maharishi refers to TM’s many benefits including improved test scores, emotional development, less stress, less violence and many more, and how they are all achieved;

“It doesn’t take a long time, the mind is always flowing in the direction of greater happiness very naturally. More and more happiness is experienced in the direction of transcendence, and abundance of happiness is experienced in transcendental consciousness.” 

What happens during the practice?

The practice of Transcendental Meditation is very simple, therefore Maharishi’s answer is simple; “Just as the habit of the mind is to be drawn to happiness, the mind trickles down to experience Transcendental Consciousness. There is no magic. Potential of the individual is cosmic.”

To sum up:

. The natural way our mind works is to lean into happiness and bliss.

. Transcendental Meditation is so simple that it allows our mind to relax and enter its natural state of being, which is to move towards bliss or the transcendental state.

. The many benefits of the practice occur in our daily lives because when overall happiness is present, our mind is clearer, more settled, more calm.

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