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Ramani Ayer, a man of business and peace

Ramani Ayer is an Indian-American business executive with a stellar and pathbreaking career in financial services / insurance. As the CEO and chairman of The Hartford Group, Ayer became one of the first Indians to head a Fortune 100 company.

Ramani Ayer on meditation

Ramani Ayer (b. 1947) is a business executive, former CEO of The Hartford — an insurance company which rose to the Fortune 100 under his leadership. Ayer is presently working on the board of directors of XL Group, a financial services company.

What’s his secret of success?

Relentless work

“I’ve benefited from my Indian background,” says Ramani Ayer. “Growing up in a very simple family with a real passion for hard work. In other words, you never stopped working. You just worked. Work was liberating and work was part of what defined who you were.”

But there’s another bit in the formula which complements and empowers Ayer’s penchant for hard, honest work.

When many other top level businessmen wither slowly under continous stress or simply burn out physically, Ayer has been going from strength to stregth thanks to his favorite practice.

An ancient technique for modern-day success

Ramani Ayer learned to meditate when he was 24, completing the basic Transcendental Meditation program while studying at Drexel University in the U.S. A few years later he went on to learn the more advanced TM-Siddhi techniques.

“I have been doing TM for over 35 years,” Ayer admits.

“In terms of my professional life, TM meditation has helped me to consistently raise my performance levels. It has helped me cope with the stresses and strains of life. And I believe very strongly that the practice of meditation has helped me to maintain a steady state of mind — it has given me equanimity no matter what happens.“

Moreover, Ayer is convinced that the benefits of TM are not limited to the individual meditator.

For the benefit of the whole world

For many years now, Ramani Ayer has been very actively involved in the Global Peace Initiative that uses the TM technique to further harmony and peace.

ramani ayer ceo hartford net worth tm meditation practice

THE TEACHER: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the man who made the ancient Indian wisdom of Transcendental Meditation accessible to the world.

He refers to this initiative as a powerful, practical, scientific, and highly cost-effective initiative to reduce violence and conflict in the world.

“I personally have benefited in my own life by practicing the TM meditation. It has helped me in so many ways as an individual,” Ayer explains. “And when I met Maharishi, and I saw his deep concern for the future of the world and how he had worked most of his life to create this opportunity for mankind, I really felt I should do whatever I could to see his work come to fruition.”

“Most people don’t even think world peace is possible, that it’s a dream. But I am convinced we now have a scientific, practical, and reliable way to use mankind’s most ancient knowledge to usher in a new destiny for mankind. It’s a very big thing—historic—and it is a joy to be part of the global efforts.”

Ramani Ayer serves on the board of Maharishi University of Management (MUM). His own son graduated from this University.

Watch a video where Ramani Ayer talks about his experience with TM:

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