Transcendental Meditation

Raquel Zimmermann, super model

Raquel Zimmermann on transcendental meditation

Raquel Zimmermann (b. 1983) is a model. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Raquel Zimmermann on benefits of
Transcendental Meditation:

“As a model, I always joke that it’s very similar to being a stewardess – you’revery often at airports and hotel rooms, alone. Transcendental Meditation has helped a lot in that now when I’m on a plane I meditate, and that makes me calm. Because when you’re constantly at airports and planes, it can be very stressful somehow, you know. Security lines and all that. Transcendental Meditation just makes me calm about that. The frustration is gone …

Transcendental Meditation changed my whole lifestyle, in a year. And one big change was four months ago when I realized that I had to quit smoking. It was something that I had been carrying around with me throughout all my modelling career. I thought that smoking would keep me thin. And I realized that all these challenges were good things, so – quit smoking. Something that made me very proud now, to be a non-smoker. To take care of myself.”

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