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Singer-songwriter Kid Moxie donates her music to DLF

Kid Moxie aka Elena Charbila on trascendental meditation - hollywood.greekreporter

Elena Charbila a.k.a. Kid Moxie: “I gave myself the gift of Transcendental Meditation a few years ago on my birthday. I was very curious and eager to see where it could take me. After having practiced for a few years I feel that TM is the only meditation that works so simply and so naturally with our brain process. With it, I discovered the feeling of “nothingness” which is so full of “everythingness” (if that makes any sense). It is also a great stress reliever and a useful tool for artists to expand consciousness and stay focused on what makes each and every one of us unique.”

What is the connection between veteran film director, David Lynch and rising star musician, Kid Moxie? The answer is Transcendental Meditation, and the desire to use it to help the poorest kids get a better start in life.

In a wonderful display of generosity and public spirit, Kid Moxie has donated a special mix of “The Bailor”, the breakout single from her album to the David Lynch Foundation’s radio station, Transcendental Music.

Nothing short of an honor

Kid Moxie’s creator, LA-based and Greek born singer and actress, Elena Charbila, says: “I had a friend at the David Lynch Foundation who heard my music and suggested it to them. I’m a huge David Lynch fan and love what the whole Foundation does. To play a part in this is nothing short of an honor. I practice Transcendental Meditation and it’s a very soothing, beautiful escape within.”

The single, “The Bailor” has been getting massive airplay across Europe and is the result of a collaboration between Elena and film music composer, Seth Olansky. “Seth came up with the title and I really liked the double entendre of having someone who is bailing you out of trouble,” Elena says. “It took us a couple of months because we were piecing it together really slowly. There was no rush but then one night I took it home and just slept on it and the next day I wrote lyrics for it and took it to Seth and it became what it is.”

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