Transcendental Meditation

Interview with Soul Basement, musician and composer from Italy

Urban, soulful, jazzy, sophisticated, smooth…. We chatted with Fabio Puglisi, known by his artist name Soul Basement, a musician, producer and songwriter from Italy!

soul basement fabio puglisi interview meditation musicYou make such beautiful music. Do you usually sit down to create something purposefully or does the inspiration come in unexpected moments and you just capture it?
SOUL BASEMENT: I rarely sit down to create something purposefully. Music just comes to me in the shape of melodies and/or harmonies. That often happens unexpectedly, while taking a shower, for example, or while browsing stuff at the grocery store. Sometimes even while meditating.

What are the most challenging aspects of being a musician?
SOUL BASEMENT: In my own experience, I would say the interaction with media. Insiders often misunderstand the true, and deep, meaning of an artist’s path, and the different modes of expressing it.

What are the most uplifting aspects of this profession?
SOUL BASEMENT: Definitely the pure joy of creation. Sharing what you do with people, and realizing that somehow you’re leaving a mark in their lives, by moving them, making them smile, or maybe sometimes by bringing them to tears. Music is a universe of infinite emotions and experiences.

soul basement interview fabio puglisiDo your songs usually carry a specific message or feeling? How does it shape the process of creating the song – is it more a fore -or afterthought?
SOUL BASEMENT: There’s a message in every song, and it’s usually inspired, and suggested, by the sound itself. A particular series of chords, for instance, can lead to some joyful lyrics, as to more thoughtful and reflective ones.

Words only come first when you already have a well-defined topic, or a particular subject, planned, and you specifically want to write about that.

How did you start practicing Transcendental Meditation?
SOUL BASEMENT: I had already read two books on the subject, but I only started practicing after watching a video in which David Lynch answers a few questions about the effects of meditation. The way he was speaking struck me, I had the distinct feeling he was talking about something really transforming.

What changed in you life when you started doing TM (in your personal/professional life)?
SOUL BASEMENT: A lot of things. TM has brought me new perspectives, a deeper understanding of myself and the world I live in. Huge amounts of energy, mad happiness and joy, deeper and more stable relationships, both at work and in everyday life. A constant flow of fresh and creative ideas.

It’s just… beautiful.

What reasons to start the practice would you list to someone to recommend TM?
SOUL BASEMENT: The whole planet should do TM. There’s no excuse not to get started right now. Everyone wants to have a happy and rewarding life, and that’s exactly what meditation gives us, regardless of personal creeds, religions, lifestyles…

It is a state of joy so deep, concrete, and rooted, that once one reaches it can no longer get separated from it.

It’s that kind of happiness that lasts.

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