Transcendental Meditation

Guitarist Steve Lukather keeps on rocking

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35 MILLION ALBUMS IN 35 YEARS: Toto is one of those rare bands who have survived member changes, illnesses, and flickering musical trends. Decades after inception, they are still enjoying sold-out venues on both sides of the Atlantic. Their new album — first in 10 years — is set for release in March 2015.

Steve Lukather’s place in the history of rock was secured already in the late 70s as a guitarist in the band Toto.

But Lukather has kept going stronger and stronger — and Transcendental Meditation practice plays a big role in it.

Lukather: “Meditation
gives me energy!”

Today, there are incredible 1,500 albums bearing his musical fingerprints.

Lukather has also released seven solo records and is touring non-stop with three projects — with Toto, with Ringo Starr, and with Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus.

Steve Lukather learned meditation through George Harrison. The two guitar virtuosos became good friends in the 1990s after playing together at a fundraiser. Lukather recalls that Harrison turned him on “to Transcendental Meditation and very positive spiritual stuff that I still use daily.”

The wisdom of experience

When at home in Los Angeles, Lukather’s daily routine consists of guitar practice, working out and meditation.

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ALWAYS ON THE ROAD: Cover of Steve Lukather’s latest solo album, Transition (2013).

“I’m trying to just get real,” the legendary guitarist recently told the Ultimate Classic Rock magazine. “I’m a fifty-seven year old guy who’s been doing this since I was a little kid.

I’m looking at life in a different way now, you know? I’m all of a sudden on the back nine, so I really want to make this count.

I’m feeling better about my life. Go to bed early, get up early; I’m not trying to be the baddest, fastest gun in the West and all that bulls — that you do when you’re young. I’m 56 years old, going, “Real thankful for the gig,” you know? I’m surrounded by brothers that really know me and love me in spite of all my faults, and I them.”

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