Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation, fashion models’ favorite sanity saver

One might think that being a model is all play and no work. Yet models work long hours and sometimes in extreme temperatures without the appropriate clothing. They put up with endless travel and loneliness that inevitably comes with the on-the-go lifestyle. Not to mention the potential eating and other mental disorders that can accompany a job in which you are primarily judged based on how you look!

So, it is no wonder that Transcendental Meditation, a well proven stress-busting tool, has been praised as sanity saver by so many top names in the modelling industry, including Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Raquel Zimmerman, Daisy Lowe, Alyssa Miller, Claudia Mason, Rebecca da Costa and Eva Mendes.

And as recent news on TM practitioners from the runway prove, the list of models who swear by Transcendental Meditation to keep them healthy and happy inside out, keeps growing.

meditation tm supermodels martha hunt

Martha Hunt

Before stepping on the stage at the world-famous Victoria Secret’s show, Martha Hunt follows the path of former VS angels Kerr and Bündchen by not only preparing her body but also her mind for the job ahead by practicing Transcendental Meditation.

‘I don’t do it as much as I should, but that’s honestly such a brain saver to do twice a day leading up to the show because it just sort of centers you and helps you block out all the noise,’ Hund explained to Daily Mail.

What’s more Natane Boudreau, who’s career as a fashion model begun at the age of 3 by posing for Calvin Klein, is not only practicing Transcendental Meditation herself, but working to bring the effective tool for stress-relief to as many people in the fashion industry and the arts as she can.

meditating models boudreau

Natane Boudreau

Boudreau recently wrote in Vogue: „I have been doing Transcendental Meditation for seven years, and never miss my two-times-a-day meditation. I can’t live without it.

From that, I have become the senior advisor to the fashion industry and the arts for the David Lynch Foundation and am committed to bringing Transcendental Meditation to these industries to tranform stress—the number-one epidemic of our time.

I hope to make a lasting difference in an industry that has given me my life.”


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