Transcendental Meditation

Marnie Abramson, CEO: “Work smarter, not harder!”

Marnie Abramson is helping properties trade in old-fashioned illumination for high-efficient LED lighting. She has a lot of experiences in founding and closing companies and working at her family’s real estate business, The Tower Cos., founded by grandfather Albert Abramson and the builder of Washington Square and White Flint Mall.

marnie abramson lights

BRINGING IN THE LIGHT: Marnie Abramson started her career in a family-owned real-estate company providing green, ecologically friendly solutions. In her new company, NextGen, she is focusing on efficient ways of lighting up our living rooms and offices.

She admits that, as perhaps for any leader in a growing business, her main challenge in life is finding the right balance. “When you start a new business, it’s literally all about the job,” Marnie explained to Washington Business Journal. “I went from working for my family in a very established real estate company for 10 years to starting my own business. And it is literally like turning your whole world upside down on its ear! It’s disorienting but it’s exciting.”

But it that is nothing new to the successful CEO.

Work smarter not harder!

“My work environment has always been very hectic, with millions of things that were always going on at any given time. In the past, I found I could get very caught up in that madness. If you have twenty things going on in your head and there’s no way to organize that, it feels very frenetic, and I spent a lot of energy for a very little bit of output…” Marnie Abramson says.

Her secret for keeping her cool amidst all this turbulence? The Transcendental Meditation technique.

“What I really needed was a way to come back into myself, quiet my mind a little bit so that I could focus. TM practice settles me down and helps me be more organized. There’s a famous business phrase ‘Work smarter not harder.’ I think that is really what the Transcendental Meditation program has done for me.”

Washington Business Journal