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armenia learn tm transcendental meditationSvetlana Galstyan

Svetlana Galstyan began teaching Transcendental Meditation in 1991. She has taught hundreds of people from all kinds of cultural, educational and social backgrounds. Svetlana says:”The Infinite is the most gratifying experience of inner peace that can be experienced easily by any person, regardless of nationality, gender, culture, religion.” The aim of the Transcendental Meditation is to make it available for anyone who is interested. She is an English Language Specialist.

armenia learn transcendental meditationRuzanna Vardanyan

Maharishi has made me a teacher in 1991. Following his advice, I taught Transcendental Meditation in Russia, including Siberia. I am currently studying at Maharishi University of Management. My dream is to implement Consciousness-based education and sustainable development programs.

Angela Sulyan

Angela, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 22 years, has taught thousands of people from different countries. Previously, she worked as a doctor. ‘I loved my patients, my patients were like me. But I immediately saw results from teaching TM and it gives me great satisfaction to teach it.’

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