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Bolivia: Learn Transcendental Meditation (TM)

List of certified Transcendental Meditation teachers and TM centers in Bolivia:

MT Meditación Trascendental aprender en BoliviaAditia Zubieta

Being a teacher of TM has been a rewarding experience. Teaching the Transcendental Meditation technique in different projects and seeing the experiences and the positive changes in people is as pleasant of an experience as can be. I feel very happy to be the voice for this technique and to bring it to different parts of the world.

Meditación Trascendental mt aprender en BoliviaFrancine Secretan

I have taught Transcendental Meditation for more than 40 years in Bolivia.

I think it’s a wonderful tool that allows us to be more creative and live fully in harmony and happiness.

aprender MT Meditación Trascendental en BoliviaIndra Zubieta

Practicing Transcendental Meditation and the advanced techniques has helped me in my goal of self-improvement. Working on projects as a teacher of TM and seeing the positive changes in individuals is the most rewarding and inspires to continue teaching the TM technique. Practicing the scientific technologies of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi one can experience countless benefits and live a happy life.

bolivia meditacion trascendental mtLiliana Parrado

I am from Argentina and have worked for several years as a teacher of TM in Buenos Aires. After that I spent a few years living and teaching TM in Mallorca, Spain . Currently I have moved to Santa Cruz de la Sierra about three years ago. I received a degree in philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires in 1979.

Meditación Trascendental aprender mt en BoliviaNelson Saravia

I am a teacher of TM. Since 2008. It is very satisfying to help people develop their full mental potential with Transcendental Meditation and providing them with Maharishi’s best tool for living in health and happiness. Learning TM and the advanced techniques is something everyone should learn.

MT Meditación Trascendental profesores BoliviaSonia Zubieta de Rocabado

I have been a teacher for more than 33 years and I think that Transcendental Meditation is a very easy and complete personal development program.

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